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Top 7 Live Streaming Websites for Cord-Cutters


It is better to stay home during this pandemic and keep yourself entertained with TV shows and movies. The current situation of the nation has also made people look for cheaper alternatives to cable TV.

There are many options to subscribe to if you want to cut the cable cord and look for a cheaper entertainment solution. You can watch it on inexpensive streaming devices or your Smart Televisions.

No cable box and the antenna is required to watch content on several streaming websites available right now on the internet. If you are ready to cut the cord then all you need to do is get a good internet connection from one of the Spectrum plans so that you can stream videos without having to deal with the buffering. Here are some of the best options to watch streams on.

HULU + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a great alternative to cable TV with 60 channels there is a lot option to choose from. You probably know about The Handmaid’s Tale and Rick & Morty, besides these well-known TV shows and you can choose the basic Hulu subscription for 5.99USD per month but if you want the complete package for an extra 50 USD you can have access to all of its channels which include News channels such as Fox News and CNN, Sports channels ESPN and Fox Sports, and kids channels like Cartoon Network and Disney.


Sling has 3 subscription plans Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange and Blue. Sling Orange has 30 channels for a 30USD subscription. Sling Blue also has 30 channels for 30USD a month, where most of the channels are the same in the plans some channels are different. If you want the complete package with all of the channels you can subscribe to the Sling Orange and Blue for 45USD per month. The difference between the two plans is that ESPN and Disney channels are only available on Sling Orange in their stead you will get Fox and NBC channels. AMC, A&E, CNN, and Comedy Central are some of the channels that are common in both sling orange and sling blue. Depending on your channel preference you can get a low-cost subscription. Sling TV has a lot of add on options as well which makes it easy to get the channels you want in your subscription.


Unlike Sling, Philo offers only one package that offers around 60 channels for 20USD per month making it a very compelling streaming service. The list of channels includes AMC, Animal Planet, Comedy central, Hallmark channels, Discovery Channels, MTV channels among many others. There are no sports channels available on Philo so we only recommend Philo for those people who do not need sports channels. With a price like that it has to complain much about the channel list though. Philo can be streamed up on 3 devices simultaneously.

YouTube TV

If you are looking for the best cloud DVR subscription the YouTube TV is the best with unlimited storage and nine months to watch the recorded content compared to other websites which mostly offer around 30 days. Just like Philo, there is only one package to choose from. YouTube TV offers more than 80 Channels with the most Top channels offered compared to the rest of its competitors. YouTube TV is a great option but beware though as from 31st July the price of the subscription is jumping from 50USD to 65USD making it an expensive subscription.


AT&T TV Now will be a welcoming and comfortable experience for those who have used DirecTV before. DirecTV was a satellite TV service and wanted to dive into streaming service. Over the years it has improved upon a lot. It is still the priciest subscription out there as the main selling point of the service is the HBO channels. Which are in the MAX package having 60 channels. The MAX package will cost you 80USD a month to subscribe.

If live TV Channels are not what you are looking for but want to watch TV shows and Movies only then you can subscribe to the following websites make an entertainment package of your own.


Netflix has been a very popular streaming site for the past few years and has been considered by some to introduce the masses to Online streaming services. Netflix has a large number of TV shows, Movies, and Original Content for all types of genres. It is already a common household name and if you don’t have it already then probably one of your friends already has it and can share it with you. As there is an option to have multiple simultaneous streams.

The subscription price for Netflix ranges from 8.99USD to 15.99USD.


Disney launched there streaming service Disney+ in November of last year to compete with the already popular Netflix. Disney offers there new original TV shows on the streaming service. If you want a streaming service target towards family-friendly content then there is no better option and for the very low cost of 7USD a month. Disney+ allows 4 streams on different devices simultaneously. In the month that Disney+ launched around 10 million new accounts subscribed to streaming service making it a very popular streaming service within a month of its launch.

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