A college student shouldn’t sit idle. After class, you can try and make money here and there. It is good to start making money before you go to the outside world.

It helps you see things differently. My Custom Essay experts work closely with the students and collect some ideas.

Here is a list!

Consultant of Social Media

You can work with different brands to be their social media consultant. It is a manageable opportunity that only requires your expertise.


You can research and invent your product. After you produce your outcome, you can be able to sell to people or shops. You will be your boss. No one will be there to control you around.

Graphic Designer

If you are good at graphics, here is something you can do. You will get a chance to work with many brands and people. It is also a better way of making money.

Web Designer

Web designers make a lot of money. If you have the potential to be one, go for it. You can create websites for people or businesses.

Developer of Apps

If you are a student with crucial skills, you can use that opportunity to create apps. You can either choose to make for clients or yourself. When you make yours, you can sell to app stores. It can make you get good cash.

Designer of T-shirts

There are so many ways to make t-shirts. You can come up with a good design that will impress many people and go with it.

Jewelry Maker

If you have a passion for making jewelry, go for it. You can make your jewelry with the designs you want and sell them.

Market Vendor

You can decide to sell different products on the market. Since you are a student, you can be going there on weekends.

Candle Maker

Instead of making candles, you can make your unique. You can consider scenting them for a better market.

Author of E-book

If you are a good writer, you can write your book. Take as much time as you can. Publish the text you have written. You can sell your book to Amazon and get a refund of the time and energy you have spent.


You can consider doing photography. Many events need perfect photographers. Market yourself and get good deals.

Portrait Photographer

When you have a skill, use it. You can have affordable deals on portrait photography. Make sure you produce quality work for your clients.

Book Seller

You can start selling books that you are not using. It can either be done online or finding a spot by the roadside. After some time, the business will grow, and you will have your store.


Do not let your cooking skills go to waste. Use them for baking. Get all the necessary ingredients and get to work. You can start by doing it online or selling your products to shops.


Join a band at school and grow with them. Bands get good gigs that make a lot of money. Share your spectacular voice with people.

Freelance Writer

Writing is one of the most paying jobs online. Try and find freelance writing jobs you can do. A long as you are a smart writer, you can do the job.