In the past, companies, and brands used to take some time before responding to their customers’ inquiries and complaints. But due to the rise of social media’s popularity, businesses need to provide immediate responses whenever customers flock to their social media pages to rant about the products or services that did not meet their standards. 

Constant social media monitoring is necessary to keep track of customer feedback online. However, some companies lack the workforce for this task. Ansafone, a US-based contact service provider, believes that social media can provide plenty of business opportunities if used properly. 

If your company decides to outsource their social media management, you will enjoy a wider and bigger online presence than delegating it to someone from your team. 

Outsourcing your social media customer service can be a major decision for any company. If you are still contemplating delegating this important task to a third-party provider, here are several reasons that could convince you to start investing in this type of service.  

Reason #1: Social Media Is Not Only Intended For Sales 

By hiring a dedicated people-centered social media marketing team, your brand’s social media page will be able to post meaningful content instead of posting vague promos and special offers. It will allow the brand’s target customers to see your company as a business that prioritizes customer engagement. Your sales will also benefit from this effort. 

Reason #2: Provide Real-Time Response 

The turn-around time for responses is a very crucial factor in providing exceptional social media customer service. Based on The Social Habit research, 42% of customers want to receive a reply from a company’s social media accounts within the first 60 minutes of posting their questions. Ansafone also shared that companies must always keep track of their social media pages all day every day since customers stay online even outside business hours. 

Reason #3: Consistent Actions 

Being consistent is very important in any relationship. If you want to provide everything that your customers need aside from your high-quality products or services, you should also reach out to them consistently to check if they are satisfied with your offers. If you hire an outsourced team to handle your social media management, you can get an assurance that you will have a steady interaction with your customers. 

Reason #4: Lesser Expenses

If you hire an in-house social media team, you need to pay for their salaries and spend on their resources like the workstations, 24/7 electricity consumption, and other expenses. It could incur more expenses for your company. But if you outsource the task to a third-party provider, you will save a lot of money since you only pay for a specific service.  

Outsourcing your social media marketing needs can be a better solution if you want to improve your social media interactions with your customers. It will make it more convenient for you and your staff since you do not need to handle the task by yourself. You only need to look for a reliable service provider that offers a highly skilled social media team to manage your social networking sites.