Starting a business is both exciting and terrifying. Launching your business in the ever-growing city of Houston might take the load off, but it also tends to add some stress, especially if you’re not from here.

Whether you are from the area or moving in to launch your business, here are three critical resources that will help you start a successful, Houston-based company.

Find a Home Base

The easiest way to do this is to search for any office space for rent in Houston. You’re likely to get tons of hits, but make sure you drive by the offices that you like first.

Get a feel of the area, traffic, along with commute before you take a tour of the place. During the visit, be sure to bring 2-3 of your team members along since they will be the ones sharing the space with you.

Don’t forget to ask important questions like the kind of internet you’ll get— since you’re going to need reliable wifi. Once you’ve found your home base, your office, you’re ready to get to work!

Find Support

Whether you’re new to the area or not, there are hundreds of resources available to small businesses. Reach out to the Office of Business Opportunity Solutions Center.

They are available to help you perfect your idea, planning, and even mentoring your business. Starting a business is no easy feat, so consider one of these programs to see if they are right for your business. Many of them are free and based right here in Houston.

Even if you’re positive that you have a solid plan, you’ve done all your research, and you can’t benefit from mentorship or support—there are still networking opportunities that will always be of help for you. Keep an open mind and give every program a try.

You never know what you’ll learn from it or who you’ll meet. After all, Houston is a big city.


The Small Business Expo, which is a yearly event in America, is the country’s biggest and most anticipated business-to-business networking event and is taking place in Houston this year! Be sure to register for tickets now to join all the incredible opportunities to meet and greet other small businesses in your area.

The best support comes from peers, after all. At the event, there will be workshops, speed networking, and even a happy hour. The event is free unless you’d like to tack on some fancy upgrades, of course.

If for some reason you can’t attend this event, don’t stress. There are loads of small business networking opportunities in the city, so all you need to do is a quick search and see what comes up.

Or plan your own! No matter what event you choose, don’t forget to dress business casual, bring lots of business cards, and be able to explain your business in 30 seconds or less. You never know if a potential client or investor will be watching or listening.

Starting a small business is challenging, no matter where you do it. However, starting a small business in Houston doesn’t have to be as challenging.

Discover your home base by searching for an ideal office space for rent in Houston, find support through the many small business programs available, and network, network, network!