According to many studies and bloggers for many years, urbanization has been a major trend throughout the world.

1/3 of people who were born in villages flock to modern cities to explore more opportunities and live a next level life.

Living in a city often means a higher salary, more opportunities, more choice of goods, more educational resources, better medical care and so on. However, these things are gradually becoming available in the villages at present.

There are big differences between rural and urban lifestyles. It’s hard to say which one is better.

And although life in the village has its drawbacks, these are the main reasons why you should move from a big city to a village.

1. Better Communication

Most people living in cities will have the same feeling: they are surrounded by people only 10 meters away, but they feel lonely.

There is little communication between neighbors, and friends can be tens of kilometers away. To kill loneliness, they watch movies online, play online games.

However, living in a village, you will never feel alone. Every morning you can say hello to your neighbors and live within 10 meters of your friends.

Everywhere in the city, you meet strangers, but the whole village is familiar to you.

2. Organic Food

If you live in the city, then all food must be purchased at the supermarket or local shopping centers.

To eat fresh vegetables, you need to get up early and rush to the market.

However, the situation is completely different if you live in a village. You can grow various types of vegetables yourself.

You control fertilizers and pesticides to make sure vegetables are eco-friendly and natural.

3. No Trends Issues

When you live in a city, you need to check how fashionable your clothes are before you go out, as others may laugh at you for being out of fashion.

Hot topics like stocks, gossip, Hollywood movies or stars can easily get you into it … even if you don’t like these things.

But in the village, you can live as simple and free as you like.

4. Low-Cost Living

Undoubtedly, the cost of living in the village is much lower.

The price of food and some goods in the villages is lower than in the city. In addition, since there are fewer consumer options, you can save to save money.

5. Fitness Activities

Each activity in rural life requires physical exercises, such as working with the land, sowing seeds on the ground, cutting and harvesting wood for the winter, walking along the old path or going to the nearest store.

It is said that a 30-minute active walk will take your system up for the next 4 hours, so village life gives you more opportunities for more than a thirty-minute active walk.

6. The Joy of Open Sky

Due to industrial pollution and lighting on city nights, only light from different houses, traffic lights, vehicle lights, and street lamps are visible, but not stars in the sky.

However, in the countryside, you can see a clean and beautiful night sky with a shimmering multitude of stars.

On a moonlit night, you could see far from the roof of your house, and everything is so clear and clean in your eyes.

7. Peace and Purity

The city is always vanity and noise.

There are a lot of cars and people on the road. Noise comes from everywhere: road noises, industrial noises, building noises and noise from neighbors and the living area.

However, in villages, you never need to worry about these noises. You can sleep at night and enjoy a quiet walk during the day.

The only noises in the village are the mooing of cows, the barking of dogs and birds singing.

8. No Parking Issues

If you have a car, you will find out how difficult it is to find a paid parking space in crowded cities, not to mention a free parking space!

However, if you used to live in villages, you will know how easy it is to find a free and easy parking space.

And most importantly – there are no traffic lights and no traffic jams.

9. Clean Atmosphere

If you have not lived in villages, you cannot imagine how fresh the air is.

There are no car exhausts, drainage ditches, stinky waste.

While you almost have to wear a breathing mask in the city, you breathe fresh air every day from dawn to dusk, living in the village.

10. Safety

The tremendous pressure of city life corrupts many people.

There are many crimes in the city. Many thefts and murders often occur in the city. Also, the city has a lot more vehicles, which leads to frequent traffic accidents.

While in the villages there are several traffic accidents. Another element that is dangerous for you is epidemic diseases, most of which spread from one city to another.

People living in cities are more susceptible to many diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle and fast food.

So, what do you say?