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Websites To Find Papercut Design Resources


If you are an expert in paper cut designs and stuck at some point to unleash your inner creativity with getting some inspiration from other great graphic designers, we are here to help you choose from the best resources and find what others are doing differently.

Our list of best papercut design websites with free paper cutting patterns and copyright free paper cut templates will help you do the best in your artwork.


A great social networking website for graphic designers and design lovers, on Pinterest you can easily find a lot of design resources shared by thousands of designers, freelancers and students. They share free design resources too to know what people think about their creative works.

You can simply visit and search for your relative keywords/topics, it will suggest a never ending resources page and you will be able to find more relative posts and images whenever you click on any image. That’s the beauty of a curated data.


This is a great platform for freebies, paid designs, tutorials and everything you may need for projects in your school or business and they are experts in this industry. Looking at cricut design space we can see a lot of tutorials that are easy to understand.

They call it “Design School” and the best part of their tutorials is they help you understand the basics and you will learn how to use svg file with Cricut design and other relative projects.


A dream world for graphic designers and this is the best resource website that will help you get creative with a few hundred paper cut designs that you may download for free and the paid versions are also there. You can check the website to find your favorite designs.

Using their search bar, you can put your searching terms and find what other designers have uploaded for your ease, you can find different designs from various freelancers, students and experts around the globe.


It may sound not good for a few people but YouTube is the best video sharing website that is being used by thousands of graphic design experts and they upload their best work on YouTube, they also give some freebies and paid stuff.

All you have to do is just visit the YouTube app or desktop website and then search for your relative things, it will suggest many videos with tutorials and you will also be able to understand brother scan and cut that may be crucial for many newbies.

If you are still unable to find what you are looking for, you can always ask us and comment your questions, we will be there to help you out.

We will keep posting about design resources and tuts, we will help as many newbies as possible to be satisfied with what we do and provide our clients with the best in market.

Thanks for being here and reading this article.

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