Most of the time we got tired of writing content for others and then paying them the much they ask for publishing those articles for having one backlink from an authority site in hope of gaining momentum in Google rankings. This is what most of the brands and startups are doing to grab some organic traffic that brings fruitful results. As you find blogs that accept guest posts, you search for the best guest posting sites, and thus, you end up finding some of the old lists that are ranking higher and showing old websites to you. While totally new sites are also not good for guest blogging.

This creates confusion in your mind that whether you should submit a guest post to a particular website or not, or a big question “Is Guest Posting Still Relevant to SEO?”.

So, here I am going to spill the beans on this cheesy question and help you understand the fact that SEO is nothing without backlinks, and the best way to gain backlinks is by publishing some guest posts on relevant websites.

1. It Helps You Build Authority

Not just the SEO boost, and even when you are at a newbie stage and currently trying to get your hands on a number of websites or blogs for getting your articles published as guest posts with dofollow backlinks, you will see that you are bringing authority to your website.

Yes, when you are placing links on other blogs and websites that are relevant to your niche, you can show your competitors and consumers that your content is already being shared by other well-known publishers and you are already in the market with some solid backlinks (relations). This helps you to build some authority and gain trust of your website visitors and customers.

2. SEO Boost

Nobody can deny this and if someone is telling you that guest blogging is dead, he is probably mocking you into something else. As I am in this industry since 2011 and started experimenting various techniques from 2014 to till now. I can see, the best way to get an SEO boost is guest blogging and we can get really awesome backlinks with this and a free boost at our branding.

3. Paid vs Free Guest Posts

Most of the time, people ask me about which type of guest posting a prefer and I think, the best way to get some solid backlinks and have a voice over those backlinks that you can bring them back whenever you see a link being removed by the author or an editor, is paying for that guest post. No matter how much you pay, but when you are paying, you can ask the editor to keep the link as is even after a year. While when you are not paying, you can’t force an editor to do-not remove or nofollow your backlink.

4. It Helps To Get Traffic

Yes, the referral traffic. When you are posting on some high traffic websites like or any other, you can get free referral traffic and this is the best way of getting some targeted traffic. I recommend you to create engaging content and write on general questions then refer to your own website as the perfect solution and people will surely visit your website to get more relative information on a particular topic.


How you will use guest posting opportunities now?