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7 Girlfriends Bought an Abandoned House for $580K and Turned it into a Chic Mansion


The Story: They know each other for more than 20 years and during this time they have become closer than brothers and sisters, and when they turn 60, they will get together and spend the rest of their lives together. For this, they just bought an abundant 700 square meters redbrick house for $580K in January 2018 then turned that house into a chic mansion by spending 581,708.16 United States Dollar (4,000,000 yuan).

Can you imagine how you will meet your old age or live after your retirement? maybe not.

But these 7 friends from China are not only presenting their idea, but are also preparing for it, and what they have done is, frankly speaking, awesome and needs your attention. It all started as a joke that turned into reality for these friends. They decided to buy a house in which they would live together after their retirement. And they found such a house: it is located on the outskirts of the village, 70 km from Guangzhou and was a redbrick abandoned building. And right in front of the house, there is a field.

Chinese girlfriends took that house on dreams and made it a “Chic Mansion” for them to celebrate their lives after retirement. You can check out more details and images of the house right below:

It was an abundant house

They worked on the redesign from house to mansion

Inside look of the chic mansion

Outside look of the chic mansion

another partition where those 7 girlfriends enjoy some time seeing the mansion from outside

Girls in the house

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