Air travel is considered the safest mode of transport, but there are a lot of those for whom take-offs and landings are a serious test.

Aerophobia is a common problem that can greatly undermine the nervous system. About 30% of the world’s population are afraid of flying on airplanes.

How to overcome this fear and before vacation think not about the flight, but about the upcoming vacation?

How to deal with the fear of flying?

Most often aerophobes are quite savvy in-flight subjects, they themselves know all the arguments about safety, but cannot adequately perceive them in moments of fear. And against preflight unrest, according to flight attendants, awareness often helps as air hostess are there for this.

Here are some quick helpful tips to help you easily deal with the fear of flying and enjoy your air travel:

Learn information and statistics

Understand what scares you, and examine the necessary information. The more you know about the structure of the aircraft and understand the principles of its operation, the better.

Read about aerodynamics, turbulence. Also, study statistics. Many of those who suffer from aerophobia can easily drive cars and public transport. Meanwhile, flying on planes is much safer (it is), because accidents happen more often. There are sites on which you can online track all the planes that are currently in the air and feel the safety.

If you reduce the scale, you can see thousands of aircraft icons, they take off and land every 2-3 seconds, without getting into an accident.

Choose a convenient place

Just before booking a ticket, carefully choose the place where you will sit. If you are afraid of heights, then do not sit near the porthole.

If you are afraid of a confined space, then buy a place with an edge. Make sure that you are as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Keep in mind that turbulence shakes most in the tail of an airplane.


You can ask the plane service or you can relax both on your own and with the help of special sedatives, for example, motherwort or valerian.

Some are saved by alcohol, but it is better to do without it, since it has a bad effect on blood vessels, and the body in an airplane is already under stress. Better try meditation or listen to soothing music.

Learn to be distracted

Getting yourself distracted from the flight can help. If you have used all the previous tips, but still get nervous, then just try to get distracted.

Download a couple of films if you have a long flight, read a book, do embroidery, knitting or drawing. For an interesting lesson, time passes quickly and imperceptibly.

Get ready for the flight

Take candy or chewing gum with you on the plane. They help not only when landing or taking off, when they lay their ears, but also distract from disturbing thoughts.

Many sleep in the cabin, so time will pass unnoticed. To sleep it was easier, take a pillow, a mask for sleeping and earplugs.

These are the basic steps that can save you from aerophobia and help you enjoy your flight. However, you should not hide your fears, you need to talk directly about them and try to defeat aerophobia by rational methods.