One of the inherent nature of humans from time is giving others presents especially during times of celebrations and holidays. You may choose to go to a store to buy something that you believe is appropriate and would be appreciated. At other times, you may not know what to buy or what is appropriate to be gifted.

Gift cards can come to your rescue during periods when you cannot go to purchase a gift or don’t know what to buy. They are prepaid debit cards that contain specified amounts of money that can be used for a range of purchases. They can be used for gift-giving during celebrations and occasions such as birthdays, graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on.

Gift cards are used as an alternative to paying cash for the holder within a store or business. They may as well be personalized individual gifts and at the same time allow the holder to choose whatever they want. They are quite popular especially in the United States and useful for times when giving cash is regarded as inappropriate. You may read more about them here.

How They Work

When to Buy Gift Cards Online

Gift cards or vouchers are typically issued by banks or retailers and preloaded with a certain amount of money. Anyone may purchase this voucher and use them or give it to another person. The recipient can then use it in a store to purchase whatever they want.

Anyone can give out gift cards. Employers and organizations give them out to employees, an individual may give them to another individual. Marketers and retailers also give it out to potential and current customers as a strategy for promotion.

Gift cards can be physical or digital and usually, they are redeemable only at relevant stores. They cannot be exchanged for cash and in some situations may expire. Some financial institutions offer generic cards that may be used anywhere or used for cashback. These are referred to as open-loop vouchers.

A recipient of the card can choose to use it in person or for online purchases. Oftentimes, these vouchers have a minimum and a maximum loading amount. They may be registered online as a precaution to mitigate against loss of the card and to track the balance. This helps to make them safe.

Most gift cards are bought at face value. That is, at the same amount preloaded on it. If you are purchasing one with a credit card brand name, you may have to pay a purchasing fee. Sometimes, you may use these vouchers to pay for a portion of your purchase and pay the balance with cash or other means. You can learn more about how they work from this article

Typically, gift vouchers especially closed-loop ones cannot be reloaded and have to be discarded after use or when expired. Some vouchers can be reloaded and reused but you may have to pay a fee to reload them.

Advantages of Gift Cards

Here are some advantages to using gift vouchers.

  • They are used as alternatives when you do not want to use your credit card or pay cash.
  • They are useful for giving gifts during special occasions and holidays especially when you do not know what present to buy.
  • They are convenient as well as easy to use.
  • They are useful for control spending.

Where to Get Gift Cards

Oftentimes, you get physical vouchers from stores or brands that are issuing them in-store or from their partner stores. Nowadays things are getting easier, faster and more convenient. You can purchase a voucher online rather than going into a store to get it.

There are many online platforms where you can buy gift cards from a wide variety of brands. You can choose to buy this for yourself or send to another person and customize it as well. All you need to do is select the brand you want, enter the card value you desire, customize and print.

Generally, an online voucher can be bought at any time. They offer you convenience and you can easily customize them. You may buy the card online during times when you cannot visit a physical store or when stores are closed.


Gift cards are a great way to help others decide what they want for themselves while you pay for it. You may also choose to use the voucher for yourself.

You can always buy digital cards from various brands online at your convenience rather than going into a physical store. The beauty of this is that asides from the convenience, you can buy and print them up to the last minute.