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Which documents are required for a Sri Lanka visa from US citizens?
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Which documents are required for a Sri Lanka visa from US citizens?


If you want to get a visa for Sri Lanka from the USA then you have landed in the right place as in this article we have collected information about the documents that you would need at the time of applying for the Sri Lanka visa. Here you should know that in the past the only way to obtain a visa was by directly applying from the embassy. But today Americans can easily get visas via the ETA aka electronic travel authorization. You can easily get a Sri Lanka e visa while sitting at home. This visa was introduced by the government for promoting their tourism sector and also to speed up the application process for touristevisa.

Americans would require the Sri Lankan visa for multiple purposes; these include tourism, education, business, and even transit. Now if you have never been to Sri Lanka before then you need to know about the documents that you would have to consider before contacting the embassy or visiting ETA Sri Lanka. 

What are the required documents for a Sri Lanka visa?

Here are some of the common documents that you need to produce for the visa application. 


It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for the Sri Lanka visa online or if you are going through a direct application. You would need to have a valid US passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months from the time you enter Sri Lanka. Without a passport, you cannot enter Sri Lanka because the US isn’t one of the countries that can travel to the country without a passport.

Copy of visa fee payment receipt

Another important document that one has to attach is a copy of the paid receipt of the visa fee. If you are applying online then you need to pay the visa fee with your credit or debit card. Against the payment, you would receive a confirmation receipt from the bank and you would also get an email from the embassy regarding the receipt of payment. You need to attach these proofs along with the passport to get the visa.

Visa application form

To get the Sri Lanka visa you need to fill up a form and submit it online or to the embassy. In the visa form, you need to mention whether you need a Sri Lanka tourist visa or any other visa. According to the visa, you seek you need to provide relevant information. This would include your personal details, your work, and civil status, proof of stay, and also a copy of flight bookings. The application form should be filled with care and the information you provide should be accurate.

Other than these basic documents one also has to show proof of sufficient funds that would cover the trip to the country. If you don’t have proof of funds then you need to attach an invitation or sponsorship letter from a nation that would be financing your trip. This is an important requirement of the visa for Sri Lanka!

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