When it comes to rap music, many people have their own opinions about their favorite artists. While some prefer Jay-Z’s versification and execution, others listen to Eminem on repeat. It is also interesting to note that there are increasingly many female singers that are also commanding the spotlight such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion. 

There is no doubt about it that rapping is an interesting genre of music, but amongst the most fascinating things to learn about rap is about the people who use it as a form of their musical expression. Here are some fun facts about your favorite rappers. 

What is Rap? 

Rap is a kind of musical genre that features a distinctly vocal delivery that has innate and external rhythm and rhyme. It is usually sung in accompaniment to a backing beat or background music. The three main aspects of rap include the content, the flow, and the execution, or delivery. 

Rap originated in New York City in the block parties that took place in the 1970s. It came into being when DJs tried to engage with the crowd while also energizing them with a fun beat. 

Why are some Rappers ‘Favorites’? 

People are susceptible to having individual preferences, and when it comes to rap music, there is no doubt that their differences dictate their preferences. Here is a quick list of some reasons why people prefer some rappers over others.

  • Typical rhythms and beats used
  • Content, lyrics, and versification
  • Themes in the rap songs
  • Rappers own personality and the way they deal with fans

Some Facts about the Best Rappers 

There are many interesting rappers who are producing music that touches the hearts of millions around the world. Some rappers have created songs that have been streamed billions of times, earning them great prestige. Here are some facts about popular rappers who continuously make the headlines.

  • Eminem: based in Detroit, Eminem is known for his powerful rap songs, and particularly the circumstances that made him who he is. People who know about his extremely rocky childhood wonder how old is Eminem the rapper. Eminem is 48 years old, turning 49 in October 2021. He has made 11 studio albums to date, with numerous mega-hit songs that have made him a true superstar. 
  • Jay-Z: one of the most prominent rappers is Jay-Z who is recognized to have connected old-school rap to the modern style without letting the essence slip. He once lost a rapping competition which was judged by LL Cool J, though it is interesting to note that a few years later he won a rapping match between him and LL. 
  • Nicki Minaj: this rapper’s sheer power has carved out a name for her in a genre of music that is mostly dominated by men. Born in the isle of St. James of Trinidad, her rapping name was initially ‘Cookie’ and later the more outrageous ‘Harajuku Barbie’. It was her mother who made her change the name to finally what she is famous for today. 
  • Macklemore: this rapper has a diverse fan following, and is known for his lack of opulence, choosing to wear second-hand clothes, and driving a Prius. He had humble beginnings, once being a guard at a youth prison where he was much respected. 


As you have seen, rap has a colorful history not just as a musical genre but also as a way of expression used by many interesting personalities. It is hard to objectively state who the ‘best’ rapper of our time is as each rapper is strikingly individual, however, many people can’t help but have their favorite rappers of the bunch. I hope this RapTV article was a hub of interesting facts regarding your favorite rappers.