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6 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business


1: Create Sharable Content

Content is the building block of a digital marketing strategy. Low quality and irrelevant content hurt the brand image. High-quality content builds a strong relationship with the target audience. Often, great content fails to deliver results if it’s not shared with the right people. While creating content, make sure it’s crafted to reach your market goals and it answers the questions of your audience. This would encourage them to share it.

2: Build a Targeted Email List

Many businesses fail to pay attention to building an email list from the start. An email list is like a trusted channel driving repeat sales and building an audience relationship. Experts say a responsive email list is more valuable than social media following.

Email marketing is a top-most channel to generate leads that convert. McKinsey says email marketing is 40 times more effective in getting more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

3: Focus on Organic Social Media

Social media has a special place in digital marketing. Every business relies on it to extend its reach. If you care about your audience and want to beat the competition at the same time, you must leverage social media.

Don’t just be on every social media channel rather, actively use those channels where your audience hangs out the most. There is no harm in leveraging social media as a promotional tool but organic growth is imperative for long-term stability and rapport building.

Organic social media brings down the cost of accrued when spending on promoting content. It also creates social proof to win more followers and convert them into customers.

4: Leverage the Power of SEO

A functional and polished website is not enough to get the attention of the target audience. Potential customers may never see your website without a strong SEO strategy. Optimizing content and using the right keywords ensures your website ranks in the first search results of major search engines.

Never use shady link schemes. These shortcuts to success may end up damaging your reputation. It’s critical to understand how Google algorithms work. At the same time, focus on crafting unique, informative and engaging content. Use the highly searched but less competitive keywords in your industry.

5: Create a Conversion-Focused Design

While making any design-related decision, keep conversion at the forefront. A Well-optimized website and killer sales copy that converts are great things to have. However, if your website’s design is unsatisfying, you may lose a significant portion of visitors. Your website is where all the action happens. Its design must bring conversions.

A perfect website is the one that brings higher conversion. The aesthetical appeal is important but if the design is costing you, customers, it’s not worth it. These tips might help you with the design:

  • Place call to action where it converts the most
  • Make the website user friendly for visitors
  • Aim to have a simple design
  • Pick colors that are inviting

6: Build a Great Lead Magnet

The right lead magnet guarantees explosive results. It’s anything of value that you exchange for the contact information or email address of the prospect. Lead magnets are offered on the landing page. It’s the page to which you send the visitor from a traffic source. The more traffic you send to the landing page, the more leads you get and chances of conversion increase.

Let’s say you are in the manufacturing staffing business. Identify your pain points, and present the solution within your lead magnet.  A lead magnet could be a cheat sheet, video, eBook, checklist, PDF, or anything else your audience is interested in it. Once it’s ready, create a page on your website with a sizzling sales copy.

Remember, an effective digital marketing strategy is the key to business growth. As you start implementing these tactics, watch your sales improve.

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