Camera Shake Transitions For Premiere Pro

The camera shake effect basically used as a transition in most cases in the music video, it became more and more famous with the passage of time and now it’s become a tradition to add at least one camera shake in music videos or also in Vlog videos, So that’s why we’re providing you today  Camera Shake free preset that you can use in your videos and save your time instead of creating it in After effect.

Why these Presets?

Let’s suppose you work on the project and you have already late to deliver your project, and at the same time you have to apply a lot of transitions to put at different positions in your project, So what’re options you have to do you do it faster? The best way you’ve to do it faster is to use presets instead of creating some transitions and set different values, and it absolutely takes a lot of time.

Work with how many frames FPS?

These Presets basically work with 45 Frames per second FPS. Let’s suppose you have two different footages in your Premiere timeline and you want to apply one of the transitions at the meeting point of these, so you have to count 20 frames on the Left side and 25 FRAMES on the Right side. For this Hold SHIFT+ Arrow right or left where you want to count frames and by each pressing SHIFT + you’ll go back or forward with 5 frames per second and when you did, just make a cut here by pressing CTRL+K. For more help or guidelines watch the Tutorial video mention below. I hope it’ll help you. Cheers:)


  • VIDEO TUTORIAL also mention below
  • Work with any resolutions
  • if you a beginner then is absolutely for you
  • Works  with every version of Premiere Pro
  • No plugins required just Drag & Drop.


These free transitions basically work with any resolution. It really not creates any trouble with you for resolution, but keep in mind both footages that you attached using these transitions must be with the same resolution.

Want to download these Presets Free??

Here’s how you can download the CAMERA SHAKE preset pack for adobe premiere pro and use it for free. This is a Google Drive direct download link.

Before watching the tutorial video let me tell you the steps here 

  • Extract the Zip file using “WINRAR” any other what you have.
  • Open Premiere Pro Project
  • Go to the effect panel and then extract the Preset folder
  • (if your effect panel not seen in your premiere, go to the top menu of the premiere, move your cursor to the drop-down menu of the window, and must sure to select the effect option there)
  • Right-click in the Preset folder and then select the import option
  • it should ask for locating files, find it.
  • Then create an adjustment layer and Drag-Drop between the meeting point of two videos in the timeline
  • Then at the meeting point, press SHIFT and move Right with Right Arrow key and count 4 ( it have 20 Frames ) and then SHIFT+ARROW LEFT and count 5 ( 25 Frames )
  • Now Drop-In at first adjustment part (20 frames) and Out at 2nd adjustment part (25 Frames)
  • Cheers! all set :))

If you want more help Watch the video mention below!!

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