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Retro VHS Look Effect Tutorial (no plugins) | Premiere Pro


Trying to get that nostalgic ’80s VHS to look without using After Effects? Find out how to do it all natively in Premiere Pro!

If you’ve been watching music videos (or any recently popular content, really), you know that the VHS look is very, very in right now. The ’80s and early ’90s have returned at a fever pitch in popularity, and the nostalgic look of old VHS tapes is part of the trend taking over popular culture.

In order to create the VHS look in Premiere Pro, we will need to use a combination of different effects. Which are discussed below one by one.

For the most part, when you search how to re-create the VHS look, you will mostly find paid apps and After Effects, tutorials to get what you want. But when you are editing footage in Premiere, it can be a pain to hop between the two programs. Today we take a look at how you get the look directly in Premiere without doing anything extra. Let’s check it out!

Vintage Look:

For getting the VHS effect our first step is for a VINTAGE look and for this you have to follow some Points mention below,

  • Change You Footage Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add) using effects control.
  • Now make 2 Duplicate layer of your original Footage by Holding ALT key
  • Now go to effects panel and search ” RGB” and drag RGB on each layer
  • Now select the first layer go to effects control and turn the RED value to 100 and Blue and green to 0
  • Now select the first layer go to effects control and turn the Green value to 100 and Blue and RED to 0
  • Now select the first layer go to effects control and turn the BLUE value to 100 and RED and green to 0
  • Now select the first Layer and change SCALE 100 to 103 or 105 (which value is suitable) and change a little bit position of your first layer like 0.5 or 0.7
  • After this Important VSH Overlay (Download here) and place in your Timeline at the very top and change its blend mode to Linear dodge ADD
  • Now if your footage look great so simply export your project but isn’t doing fun with Lumetric Color
  • Create New adjustment layer, drag on the timeline at very Top than in effects search Lumetric color and drag on the new adjustment layer
  • Now doing some changes with the saturation and Vibrance and get look at what you like

Cheers You are done all thing Correctly and Your VHS effect Look is ready 🙂

If you want more help about it Watch our Tutorial with voice over to make your concept clear.


The pack you are going to download is only for educational purposes or testing purposes.

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