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Hey! As we say, TakeRootAndWrite.com is an information hub for entrepreneurs and digital marketers, and all the other creative humans.

We want more people, brands, and companies to contribute and show their skills, information, and ideas to our readers and their friends and increase their own branding too using guest posting and branded content.

Our stats:

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Unlike other guest posting opportunities, sponsored content opportunities, and networking sites, or you can say paid blog posts, we are not hungry for content. We want you to write informative guest posts, so while creating a draft or clicking the publish button keep this in your mind.

Register a free contributor account:

  1. Go to takerootandwrite.com/wp-register.php and register
  2. Login and create your article
  3. Make sure you choose a category, add tags and a feature image
  4. Submit the article and wait for the respone

If your article is unique, high quality, and informative, it will be published ASAP. Otherwise, you can email us with your queries.

If you want more than your name and looking for quality backlinks (dofollow), you can discuss the prices with us:

Send an email to [email protected]

Or, in a few hours, you will be informed about your blog post status that will be published with a no-follow backlink or maybe stay there for a long time.

We are quickly growing and looking forward to making a mark on the internet. You can write for us as many guest posts as you can and we don’t have any special requirements rather than informative and unique articles (minimum 500 words) and the top 10 lists, stories, and trending topics are welcomed in niches such as Technology, Business, News, Travel, Graphics, Lifestyle, Home Improvement, Finance and more.

The benefits you will get:

  • Reach to 4K+ Email Newsletter Audience
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*the backlink will be dofollow and permanent but not free.

Please consider writing non-promotional and informative articles that cover topics like business, lifestyle, health, travel, technology, and other relative topics.

Join us in the race and let us grow together.

NOTE: For sponsored content, must talk to us on our email address “[email protected]”.