High school happens to be the final step of a formal education structure for students. It is the place where students take their first step towards college. And for that one step to be taken forward requires humongous grooming of students so that they are well prepared to face the upcoming challenges. So, it is very important to pick a high school that develops a student academically and helps them find and pursue their interests. Follow along the article to know about the various factors that should be considered while choosing a high school in Kuala Lumpur.

Factors to keep in mind

Here are some basic factors that should be kept in mind while picking a school Kuala Lumpur, especially a high school.

  • Standard of Education

It is one of the top-most priorities while picking any school or high school whatsoever. One of the most common, very basic, and most important factors is the education standards. While it is very true that every person is different in their ways, education enlightens people overall. They become more aware of their surroundings and their choices. More importantly, good standards of education help students make more practical and thoughtful decisions.

That being said, one should never jump to a conclusion if one is to parallelize education standards with academics. Education is more of a grooming element, which includes good conduct, discipline, and the right way of thinking things. It does coincide with academics at a certain point but is a radically different concept altogether!

  • Results

Again, one very common factor in choosing a high school is results. This factor shows the amount of effort a school puts into academics. The higher the number of successful results, the better is the school structured academically!

Although this factor gives rise to many opinions, results are the only way the average academic achievements of a school are portrayed. And consistent good results are only a reflection of a strong academic background of the students and of a particular school as a whole.

  • Faculty

Another factor that should not be forgotten under any circumstances is the faculty members of that particular school. Children spend most of their time in school during their formal education years, and faculties are the ones they look upon. Faculties are not mere teachers but educators. They instill values, principles, ethics, discipline, and academics in a child. They are the ones who connect directly with a child and help them to grow and learn at every step!

Responsible and dedicated faculties are much more than the subjects they represent. They are visionaries who assist in enlightening the paths of the students. So, it is of utmost importance to give priority to this factor.

  • Facilities

Although some might call this an optional factor, due to the needs of students facilities have become an important factor among the other lists of the factors.

Facilities refer to all those amenities or resources that a student is being provided with. Everything from infrastructure, transportation, well-equipped libraries, playgrounds, laboratories, smart classes, extracurricular activities, varied courses/subjects etc., all happen to fall under this category.

Now, why is this factor on the list? It is because we are living in modern civilization and it is developing with every passing day, the future generations have to be groomed just right to thrive with the changes! And that is possible only when the students are groomed well in all aspects. And that is the reason behind choosing a facilities-rich school Kuala Lumpur.

Also, the existence of such facilities is good for the students as well. They are able to find their other courses of interest other than academics. And if they wish to pursue their dreams, they are encouraged, and their endeavors are highly appreciated.

  • Scholarship Programs

While looking for all such factors in a high school is important, it is also essential to note that the fee structure might get a little heavy on the pocket. And it is for this reason that many schools have scholarship programs.

Scholarship programs help facilitate financially backward families with their child’s education. If their wards are talented enough to crack the scholarship programs, their tuition fees are being waived off.

Also, high school in Kuala Lumpur also happens to have scholarship programs for various universities worldwide! Therefore, students also get a chance to study abroad if they are diligent enough to qualify.

  • Curriculum

Lastly, one more thing to look for is the curriculum that schools in Kuala Lumpur adhere to. Although there are many curriculums, the most popular and diversified happens to be CBSE. Not only does this curriculum have regard for academics, but it also is structured to provide the students with an all-around development. Besides the general subjects, there are also other subjects which a student can explore if they find interest in it.

Also, CBSE is a much easier curriculum for the students to follow, and the number of schools adhering to this particular curriculum is very high. Therefore, it is a preferable curriculum to choose for a student, keeping in mind their overall development.


Hence, these are the factors that one should keep in mind while picking a high school in Kuala Lumpur for their child. High school is the crucial year that needs extreme attention and care so that students can progress, grow in all areas, get entry to top universities, be able to take courses, become successful in their careers and flourish personally and professionally

So choose schools that meet all your child’s needs and your checklist.

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