Procrastination is a menace that has its roots deep into many people’s plans and schedules. You
can’t help you to do your homework, tidying sounds like a myth, you haven’t been in the gym
for ages. Here are the tips that will help you get over and overcome that one task you have
always been avoiding.

1. Stay focused

It is the critical element of fighting procrastination. The human brain is complex, and sometimes
you can wire it to do things you did not plan. You could be having so much on your plate that
you get overwhelmed. To get over this, you should pick one thing that you have been postponing
and commit yourself to complete the task the following week.

2. Begin now

After you have broken it down to a particular task, start working on it straight away. If you find
it getting difficult, at least give it ten minutes, or you can always resort to the next tip, as
discussed in the section below.

3. The miracle of Five Minutes

It gets deemed to be the best technique for procrastinators. The miracle involves asking yourself
this question. What can I do today in five minutes that will push this project forward? The
moment you pinpoint a small task, time yourself for five minutes and make sure you complete it
within the time frame. As past studies have shown, you are most likely to finish a task once you
have set the ball rolling.

4. Try the Power Hour

It means setting aside all distractors and putting all your concentration in a piece of work for a
stipulated amount of time. You can begin with twenty-minute intervals and take breaks between
each section. This way, you can balance the performance of both your body and brain at the
same time. Studies have shown that the mind goes under peaks and valleys, and for you to
maximize the outcome, it is paramount that you pay attention to the change in performance. You
can achieve this by balancing your focused time with integration and relaxation.

5. Be kind to Yourself

Research has shown that showing kindness to yourself or self-forgiveness for procrastinating can
go a long way in helping you overcome your present laziness and get active. Get compassionate
with yourself when you think of your past procrastination experience.

6. Get yourself a power song

Select a song from your playlist that inspires you to get on your toes or feel energized. Save it
and play it anytime you want to handle something you have been postponing to do. This way,
you can trigger the brain to get habitual with the song such that it registers action whenever the
track gets played. When you are in a feel-good mood, the brain is more likely to cooperate.

7. Trash it away

Several people drown themselves in so much work that they even forget about themselves. A
simple way of stopping procrastination is deciding to quit doing whatever it is you were doing.
Check the things you can tackle out from your to-do list and cross the things you do not find

8. Bet

Have a buddy and bet on the completion of a task. Pick a day and time you are most likely to get
the job done and race against time to get it finished by then. Make promises in terms of money or
favors you will do when you fail to reach your goals.