Washing clothes is a task that never ends; every weekend, there are mounds of laundry piled up for you to do. The moment you finish washing a load of clothes, you would have to put in another.

While you are doing laundry, you might not pay much attention to the details or check how thoroughly they’ve been washed. However, over time, this could leave your clothes smelling foul, which can be challenging to remove.

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However, knowing how to eliminate odors from your old and soiled clothes can still be useful. So, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Clean your washer regularly

While cleaning your clothes regularly is important, cleaning the washer itself is crucial to ensure optimum performance. The machine can clean your clothes, but it can not clean itself, and over time, germs and bacteria can build up inside the washer.

The bacteria inside the washer will thrive in the moist environment and eventually embed onto your clothes when you put them in the washer. The smell of mold and mildew can be tough to eliminate from the clothes, and it might even leave some green spots on some clothes.

To avoid this, you can clean your washer using a cup of white vinegar and run an empty cycle with hot water, and then drain the water out.

It will eliminate any mold buildup inside your washer and prevent your clothes from smelling foul.

  1. Dry your clothes properly

Often, when you are doing laundry in a hurry, you might not get the time to dry out the clothes properly. If you leave damp clothes in a wardrobe, the warmth and darkness make it the perfect environment for mold to build.

So, you must always be patient and run a full cycle in the dryer and wait for the clothes to cool down before putting them away in your wardrobe. Make sure you only fold and place your clothes that have been completely dried. 

Don’t hesitate to run them in the dryer for a few more minutes if they haven’t. Dry clothes will smell fresh for a longer time and will not wrinkle easily.

  1. Add baking soda or vinegar

If the odor is embedded in your clothes, you can use baking soda or vinegar in your next laundry. It can help eliminate stubborn odor from your clothes without harming them. For a full load of laundry, you must only use half a cup of vinegar or baking soda. If you use more than that, it may harm your clothes.

  1. Switch detergents

Sometimes the type of detergent you use may be the cause of the odor on your clothes. You must change the detergents once to see if it improves the way your clothes smell. While shopping for detergents, keep an eye out for those that have odor-fighting agents.

However, many detergents have some harmful chemicals that may harm your clothes. You must read the ingredients of the detergent and choose the one that has fewer chemical ingredients.

  1. Use fewer detergents

If you have determined that your washer is not the problem and neither are the clothes, then you might be using too much detergent to wash your clothes. When you use excessive detergent, a full-cycle might not be enough to rinse all the detergent from the clothes.

So, the residue of the detergent on your clothes might make your clothes smell foul. Remember not to overdo the detergent and follow the instructions mentioned on the label.

  1. Try washing clothes in hot water

If you are having a hard time eliminating odor from your clothes, you can try using hot water to eliminate the bacteria. However, you must ensure that the water is not just warm but, instead, hot since many types of bacteria can foster well in warm water.

  1. Get your clothes professionally cleaned

Managing daily chores and laundry might become challenging, especially if you have a bunch of clothes that smell badly.

When you use the services of a professional laundromat, they will ensure that your clothes are returned smelling and feeling fresh. Such service providers have proper equipment and knowledge to eliminate any odor, bacteria, or germs.

You can google ‘laundromat near me’ and choose the laundromat that offers pick and drop services.

Properly cleaning your clothes extends the life of your clothes and makes them feel newer and fresher.