Are you a sports lover? love to know the real insights? if yes then we have a great infographic with rich information to share with you. This infographic about sports history of the United States is loaded with information regarding the top 22 winning states sports history and also having data about recent most successful teams.

Now find out how your state is performing in sports and tell your friends how they can have a say about their states. You can read the infographic right below and share it with your loved ones. Let’s read the infographic now.

Most Successful US States in Sports – Infographic:

Most Successful US States in Sports

The top Winning US States in Sports History:

1. New York

2. Massachusetts

3. Calfornia

4. Pennsylvania

5. Michigan

6. Texas

7. Illinois

8. Maryland

9. Florida

10. Missouri

11. Wisconsin

12. Colorado

13. Minnesota

14. New Jersey

15. Ohio

16. Washington

17. Louisiana

18. Indiana

19. North Carolina

20. Oregon

21. Arizona

22. Georgia

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