FaceApp: A Trendy AI-Face-Changing App, How Celebrities Look? (images)

Do not you ever wanted to know how you will look in old age?

Yes, of course, everybody wants and you wanted too! And now such an opportunity has appeared on the internet as because now there are some mobile apps that can make you go old, rejuvenate your skin, change your hairstyle, and draw a smile on your face using AI parameters.

Not so long ago, Internet users were playing with the FaceApp, first, everyone changed the gender (only on app/images), then they tried on themselves a filter that turns a person into a kid or a cat. Now in the trend, FaceApp and its aging filter are taking the internet by storms.

How FaceApp works?

You will need the FaceApp mobile app on Android or iOS device, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store or you can go to FaceApp’s official website.

True, the site/app will need you to log in via Facebook and after that, you will have to choose a photo of yourself only from the photos published at your Facebook profile. Therefore, we recommend the application, it is more convenient and fun to use.

So, everything is simple: take a selfie or choose from the existing ones, then click on the “Age” button, then select the “Old” icon. And ready: go 50+ years old for 1 minute, as ordered.

Here are some of the really amazing photos of people who dared to use the app and they look amazing in their old ages:

Lady Gaga Go Old with FaceApp

Lady Gaga Go Old with FaceApp
Lady Gaga’s hilarious old look using FaceApp

The Legendary Harry Poter Characters

Harry Poter Characters using FaceApp
via https://twitter.com/rowlinglibrary/status/1150870896615276544

Kylie Jenner looks funky Old Women

Kylie Jenner looks funky Old Women when at FaceApp

Justin Bieber is handsome in his old age

Justin Bieber is handsome in his old age via FaceApp

Kim Kardashian’s hot old women look

Kim Kardashian's hot old women look

Lionel Messi old look via FaceApp

Lionel Messi old look via FaceApp
via https://twitter.com/ghadooosh_/status/1150567874848788481

Cristiano Ronaldo’s amazing old look

Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing old look via FaceApp
via https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz-LoQLiyEh/

Barack Obama’s old-age decent look

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