At some point, we all want to stand out in the world of social networks, especially on Instagram Reels. Although the road ahead is not easy, you can always apply these ten tricks that you probably did not know and increase your visits.

Short videos like on Instagram Reels or TikTok have quickly gone viral, becoming a global trend. In the long run, they are based on the content of all kinds, for purposes ranging from practical to educational. In essence, they are more useful than they seem. In this post, you will discover how to create the best Instagram Reels.

10 tricks you didn’t know about Instagram Reels

Becoming a featured content creator isn’t easy, but it isn’t difficult either. If you want to succeed on Instagram Reels, the ideal is to be guided by a series of optimal tips or tricks. In that sense, you have the following:

1. Interaction is everything on Instagram Reels.

The first trick to positioning your short videos or reels is based on interaction. It is well known that the Instagram algorithm takes into account the level of activity you have, translating it into better reciprocity towards the content.

Once you identify the theme or reason for your reel, then the production is up to you. The next thing is to maintain a constant rhythm of at least one daily video or two internal ones so as not to lose the thread, especially if you are just starting.

The Instagram team itself has recommended focusing on a topic or niche that is considered appropriate. In this way, the more interaction with that population, the platform will identify the potential of the content and will begin to extrapolate it.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of feedback.

Another trick you didn’t know about for Instagram Reels is the power that comments have along with interactions. As expected, when a video becomes popular, people comment on it and contribute to the Instagram algorithm.

The moment a comment becomes noticeable because it is accurate, it is recommended that you pin or pin it. When a comment is pinned in this way and is attractive enough, it will also act as an anchor to attract more visits. To that end, just press on the text until it is selected. Then, at the top, locate the one with the “skewer” or fixer, pressing it instantly.

Given the reasons given, it is easy to conclude that you should never ignore the importance of this kind of interaction. In the long run, they will be the difference between being successful or not at content creation.

3. Quality over quantity

Many make the mistake of preferring the quantity of reels over quality. As specified in previous paragraphs, the ideal is to stay in the range of 1 video daily to 2 internally.

Instagram Reels and the platform have a strict policy against spam and bot accounts. Therefore, uploading or uploading too much content per day will not be synonymous with success but rather with the risk of being banned.

Before making your mark in this section, draw up a strategy that works for you and adapts to your time. Along with this, select the niche with which you feel most comfortable and highlight the trending content as best as possible.

4. Do not link Instagram Reels to your feed.

Sometimes certain measures are taken that seem to help but really do not. Typically, beginner content creators share their reels or short videos on their wall or feed.

Although it is not something that sounds crazy, the reality is that it sectors the published content. In other words, it is proven that there is a limitation of viewers or positioning for your reel.

By sharing your creations on your feed, the reach of your creations will only be based on your followers. On the contrary, if you keep them in their first days in Instagram Reels, Instagram will show them again and again to new people.

5. Instagram Reels Hashtags and Stats

Over time, Instagram has been updated to offer more precise tools to content creator users. For example, for a long time, it is possible to track your statistics regarding the consumption of your posts or videos.

And not only that, but you will be able to evaluate which topics or hashtags are trending, choosing the correct ones. By combining this ability with viewing your stats, you will then be able to act on it.

In general, you will be able to discern if the scope of your content is correct or if it deserves a modification. As you test the terrain and evolve, it will be easier for you to position the correct hashtags, thanks to your statistics.

6. A good cover image

You would be surprised at the positive effect of a good cover image on your reel. Some prefer to use apps like Canva, DesignCap or Photoshop, but on Instagram, you can create one too. To do this:

  • Go to the button to upload a post represented with the symbol “+” box in a box.
  • Later, select “History” to open that section and continue.
  • At this point, choose to upload some default images from your gallery to serve as the base for the cover.
  • Next, edit it with the effects you think convenient; add text, GIFs or emojis and save the story as usual. Exit the section you are in and burn your reel as usual. When you’re done, press the “Cover” option.
  • Finally, click directly on “Add from gallery” at the bottom. From there, choose the cover image created from Instagram without going to other design programs.

In short, go through the gallery until you find the right cover image or the one that is already prepared by default for the occasion.

7. React or “Remix” other popular reels

A trick you did not know about Instagram Reels, especially if you are a beginner, is the ability to remix an existing one. Thanks to this peculiarity, you can react to it and create your version or comment on it. By following this initiative, you will make the most of the trend in which the source video is rooted.

The procedure is very simple. Choose the reel you want to remix in the first instance and locate the “three dots” option. By clicking on it, a menu of alternatives will be displayed; scroll down and tap “Remix This Reel.”

After that action, the rest is up to you regarding content and editing. When you feel ready, proceed to post the way you’ve been doing.

8. Use the trending songs from Instagram Reels.

Among other tricks you did not know about Instagram Reels or have not yet practiced is the search for songs or soundtracks. Yes, it is a quality that cannot go unnoticed and should not be considered lightly. The songs and sound effects also play a leading role as the comments, contributing to the positioning. Nowadays, there are several tools to determine trending songs.

Although it is a platform dedicated to TikTok, it still shows the audios that are in fashion and are equally applicable to Instagram Reels. At the same time, it maintains a ranking-style order with the most played songs and those that progressively climb.

9. The aligner and the timer should be your strong point

Learning to handle the aligner and the timer in depth will be the best Instagram Reels trick you will acquire. Through these two options, the creativity in the content will be fully exploited.

Both options give you the power to quickly overlap two clips with no gaps and no noticeable difference. Given this, you can do the typical thing of wearing a dress and immediately appear with a very different one.

Clearly, the scope for action will depend on how much you understand how to get around these buttons and the level of your imagination.

However, when you find the key, you will realize the limit is yourself.

10. TikTok is not the same as Instagram Reels

As a final recommendation or tip, it should be noted that both TikTok and Instagram Reels are two very independent platforms. In that respect, the result obtained in one will be inversely proportional to the other.

TikTok and Instagram are guided by their own ranking algorithms, so they work with their own methodology. This fact explains why a video goes viral in a matter of hours on TikTok, but uploading it to Instagram does not achieve the same goal.

Given this duality, the ideal is to focus on a type of content or niche that works independently on each platform. It is more likely to end the success than just copying and pasting the same topic between social networks.