6 Effective Benefits of Missed Call Alert Service for SMB

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What is Missed Call Alert Service?

Missed call Alert Service is an effective and inexpensive way of Lead Generation. Missed call alerts allows Your Customer To Connect with You for FREE.

When a customer gives you a missed call, you will get their contact information. You can use this information to contact them back via SMS or telephonic conversation. Missed call service is a great way to promote marketing campaigns. It helps you easily track the overall success of the campaign.

6 Benefits of Missed Call Alert Service

Success of Today’s Smart Businesses largely depends on its ability to offer consistent and hassle-free communication. Missed call Alert Service is the easiest and inexpensive way to create lead generation opportunities. Missed call alerts is used for multiple marketing objective like Lead Generation, Voting (missed to vote for your favorite celebrity), Verification of Mobile number or Request a Call Back service. Surveys, Contest, Customer feedback,etc. Lets dive into the detailed benefits of Missed Call Alert Service.

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How Missed Call Alerts Benefits SMB Organizations-

  • 1. Missed Call to App Download
  • 2. Lead Generation campaigns
  • 3. Cash on Delivery Confirmations
  • 4. Voting Campaigns
  • 5. Opt-in or opt-out of the list
  • 6. Banking and Financial Institutes.

1. Missed Call to App Download

Promote missed dial number service across all advertisement (digital / Social / mobile) to download the apps. Since most of the content is consumed over phone – with one single click, user will have the App download link in their message inbox rather typing a long URL or searching the App in Play store.

2. Business Lead Generation

does campaigns create Chaos in call center? Not anymore. Instead of promoting a virtual / IVR number, simply advertise missed call number as #CTA (call to action). This ensures that leads are captured online and are assign to agents automatically. This also allows you to captured Leads when you are Not in Office – its works 24×7.

Missed call Alert Service

3. Cash on Delivery Confirmations

As per one estimate, every year E commerce companies face 18% to 35% payment default on Cash on Delivery orders. This results in not just the revenue loss but loss in terms of logistics and inventory pile up. This can simply be reduce by sending a text message on COD payment along with Missed call number to re verify order and mobile number.

4. Voting Campaigns

 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has become largest party in the world (in terms of registered members) with the nifty missed dial service. This members data are a gold mine during election time. Popular TV channels used missed to run contest and attract more viewership for the prime time shows / movies. Leading app based service providers relies on missed call to gather customer feedback and also include online forms to know detail review.

5. Opt-in or opt-out of the list

In order to make sure you are not spamming your customers with the unwanted information you can enable them to opt-in or opt-out from getting marketing emails or messages by giving a missed call.

6. Banking and Financial Institues

Who were worried about employee productivity have found silver lining in missed call service. Front desk employees are free from mundane task like checking saving account balance and last 5 transactions. They can now simply ask the customer to give a missed call from their registered number and details will be shared in auto reply sms.

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