When you organize an event, participate in a conference and participate in an exhibition, the ultimate objective is to get the information that will benefit you and your company. You need to interact and network with other individuals whether your goal is to expand your network of contacts, broaden your expertise, or develop your channel. 

To participate in them, businesses frequently invest tens of thousands of dollars and more. This puts a lot of pressure on sales representatives to engage guests in conversations that result in enough sales to cover the cost of event-related marketing.

In this article, read 5 tips to get more conversations and generate leads to reach your exhibition goals. 

  1. Represent your Brand well

Ensure that you are always in front of your booth and smile or say hello to anybody who passes by. People at exhibits are frequently a little bashful or lack the confidence to approach you directly. So, a grin or a “good morning, how are you?” will make them feel at ease and provide an opening for a conversation. 

Asking them if they are enjoying the show so far, if they are just out for a stroll, or if they have any specific questions could help you start the conversation. You might at the very least be able to suggest another exhibitor in your network, and both sides would appreciate your help. 

With amazing designs in the exhibit displays and stalls, your brand will look more distinguished and attractive to people.

  1. Never sit behind your table

Never use a laptop or sit behind a table to work. People won’t bother you unless they are really keen to learn more about your service. Go somewhere else to complete your work if you have any! If you aren’t going to welcome potential consumers all day, there is no use in being there.

  1. Take Charge of Starting the Conversation

Never ask someone what they do for a living to start a discussion. Take charge and use tried-and-true topics like a comment about the weather or the location if initiating a business conversation with a stranger seems a little intimidating to you. 

Perhaps enquire as to what they expect from the occasion. It can be tough at trade exhibitions because attendees are a little wary of being pounced on, so you utilise a “honeypot” to draw people to your stall. 

Then, before becoming more concentrated, you might ask them these kinds of open-ended questions to make them feel comfortable. 

  1. Know Your Customers Before Pitching

Don’t push your products on visitors to your stall. Before you start the conversation and begin your pitch, take some time to learn more about them. In this manner, you may determine if they are possible clients and how you can specifically address their problem points, which opens the door to a far more proactive discussion.

  1. Showcase and Brief Your Product or Service

Make interactive sessions with people at your stall showcasing your product or service and demonstrating live. People will take more interest in watching the things happening and encourage them to ask for any ambiguities. This way they will get to know more about your brand and hence you will be in conversations with them.


Exhibitions are a great way of showcasing your products or services, starting conversations with people and turning them into leads and customers.