A growth mindset is an untouched territory in several education sectors, but those schools prioritizing it effectively have come up with the best results in Students. They are understanding the value of persistence, effort, and trying new things to their abilities & talents. Thinking about how schools in Noida foster a growth mindset in students? Well, read this post and know everything in detail.

Top ways to foster a “growth mindset” in students-

Avoid Praising sheer effort and Intelligence

Most often, we put too much stress on child psychology to achieve something. And, when they achieve it, we praise their intelligence and effort for a long time. However, this could be wrong as it becomes a fixed trait from the side of parents and teachers. Thus, it is good to praise the child differently so that they stay constant in their plans. Let’s understand it better with learning strategies!

  Fixed MindsetGrowth Mindset
You tried your best. This is what you all can do!Not to worry, if you haven’t understood anything right away. Focus on the next steps. What should they do to succeed?
Great job, you are very intelligent!Great going! The study plan you made was really worth it. Now, plan for the next things coming ahead in your ways. 
Well done, you have solved all the mathematics questions with the presence of mind. Good work! I liked the way you solved these mathematics questions. But do you have any other tactic to solve these questions with different methods?

When you praise them by pushing one next step forward, they will definitely do it better. 

Make use of diverse strategies

Exposing students to diverse instructional strategies and methods help them to handle different challenges. Let’s talk about the tactics to follow to ensure students process their knowledge wisely-

Content -> Various schools make use of audio clips, videos, physical manipulative like blocks, presentations to teach the students. In this way, they can learn all things in a single class and grasp things more efficiently. 

Processes -> Give chances to students to work in a group or team rather than working individually.

Products – > Students demonstrate their understanding and content knowledge while giving assignments, projects and tests. For instance, teachers can create an open project and students can complete that presentation, essay, or any project. 

With all these ways, you not only increase their knowledge but also enhance a wide range of skills to beat the learning obstacles.

Let students expand their answers horizons

It’s always good to indulge in deep discussion about the topics. In this way, teachers better know whether students understand the topic or not. Encourage them to elaborate their thoughts so that they can reflect responses in a better way. 

See what teachers can do?

Questions and answers session just after the discussion – When the presentation or discussion is over, the next step is to go for brainstorming sessions where students can collaborate and share their thoughts and eliminate the doubts having in their minds. 

Problem-based learning activities – Whether in a large or small group, perform the problem-based activities so that they can learn everything easily.

The Final Note!

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