Gujarat is one of the states that provide state-of-the-art educational facilities for children. It houses some of India’s great schools that aim to provide quality education. Apart from this, top schools in Gujarat also focus on the child’s overall development. Thus, finding the best school is critical.

Here are 6 top CBSE schools in Ahmedabad:

Global Indian International School Ahmedabad

The international school has 21 campuses in seven countries. This school provides education from nursery to grade 12. The Global Indian International School Ahmedabad is one of the top CBSE schools in Ahmedabad and is known for its high education standards. The school offers students various learning and developmental opportunities, such as cross-campus learning and participation in global events. Such an approach helps develop a more engaging atmosphere where students can learn and retain better. The school is known for introducing innovative teaching practices like 9GEMS educational framework that help keep the students focused.

Delhi Public School, Surat

The Delhi Public School is a co-ed school that follows the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board. The school provides top-quality educational facilities for its students. The school also ensures good physical health and hygiene among its students. It also conducts various creative activities to ensure the overall development of its students. Thus, the students are not just burdened with studies. Instead, they get a lot of scopes to learn new skills and take part in exciting activities. 

Essar International School, Surat

This school is located at a distance of 25 km from Surat and is located on the banks of River Tapti. The school is an English medium, co-ed, higher secondary school. The school is affiliated with the CBSE board. The school aims at providing excellent education standards along with various other skills. The school promotes different kinds of learning among its students and thus hosts activities that enable the all-round development of their students.

Zydus School for Excellence, Surat

This school is a co-educational, higher secondary institution affiliated with the ISC board. The school aims at providing an enriched educational experience for the child. It offers various opportunities such as creative arts, performing, and sports so that the child can grow in all facets. Thus, students can explore their hidden talents through these activities and take part in them whenever they are free. Such activities offer a necessary break from the burden of studies. 

J H Ambani Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Surat

It is a higher secondary school that is affiliated with the CBSE board. However, this school is a Girls’ Day School, with their academic year spanning from April to March. The school believes that sports activities are also crucial for girls’ physical development. As a result, the school organizes various activities for their children to develop their skills.

Anand Niketan, Ahmedabad 

It is one of the most flourishing higher-educational, co-educational schools affiliated to the CBSE board. Along with providing premium quality education to their students, the school also focuses on sports activities and various social and cultural forums for the all-around development of their students.


Parents must consider various factors before choosing an ideal school for their children. Factors like distance from home, fees, facilities, cleanliness and discipline must be considered before enrolling the child.