Riding a two-wheeler on Indian roads comes with its fair share of responsibilities.  As a bike owner, third party liability insurance is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. This is where third-party bike insurance plans become essential. 

In this article, we will cover all key aspects of third-party bike insurance in an easy-to-grasp format.

What Is Third-Party Bike Insurance?

Third-party bike insurance is the most basic form of insurance coverage available for two-wheelers in India. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all bike owners must have valid third-party liability insurance before riding on public roads. 

Third-party bike insurance protects the insured person from financial liabilities arising from accidental damage or injury caused to a third party and their property. So, if you collide with another vehicle and injure the driver or damage their car, your insurer pays for the other person’s losses as per policy guidelines. However, your losses are not covered.

Importance of Third-Party Bike Insurance in India

There are several reasons why third-party bike insurance is critical for bikers in the country:

1. It is compulsory as per law: As mentioned earlier, third-party insurance is mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act for all vehicles operating on Indian roads. Driving without valid insurance can attract heavy fines and even lead to imprisonment, as per legal requirements for third-party bike insurance.

2. Protects from financial burden: Without insurance, even a small accident can burden you with huge financial liabilities running into lakhs or crores. Third-party coverage ensures you have backup in case of accidents. 

3. Access to legal help: If the third party denies a claim, having insurance means you have expert legal teams to fall back on. They take care of negotiations and court proceedings on your behalf.

In a nutshell, third-party bike insurance is your safety net in the event of accidents. It lifts the financial burden while providing expert assistance as and when required.

What Does Third-Party Bike Insurance Cover?

Third-party policies usually cover the following points:

1. Bodily injury or death of a third party: Unlimited coverage for treatment costs and compensation in case of disability or death of the affected person.

2. Property damage: Repair or replacement costs is covered for third-party property damaged by your bike. This includes vehicles, buildings, infrastructure, etc.

How to Buy Third-Party Bike Insurance?

Buying third-party insurance for your bike is quick and convenient in the digital age. Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Provide basic details: Start by visiting the Kotak General Insurance website. Fill in details like your name, bike model, registration location, etc., when prompted.

2. Pay premiums online: Premium costs for third-party plans are very reasonable. Pay conveniently via net banking, cards, mobile wallets, etc., and enjoy instant policy activation.

3. Receive policy copy: Your digital insurance policy outlining coverage details, terms and conditions, etc., is emailed instantly. Keep this copy handy at all times during rides.

In case of renewals, notify your insurer in advance so you always have active coverage. The simple documentation and fast turnaround make getting third-party policies hassle-free.

How to Claim Third-Party Bike Insurance?

During accidents, apart from medical assistance, prompt insurance claims help provide funds for treatment, repairs, and more. Here is the standard procedure for third-party claims:

1. Intimate insurer about the accident through calls, email, or directly on the website and report a claim through troll free number. Inform police authorities too about the mishap.

2. The surveyor inspects the site and estimates damage after going through facts shared by you as well as the third party. 

3. Submit important documents like claim forms, policy copies, FIR, medical reports and bills, etc., quickly after initial accident care.

4. The insurer verifies details, evaluates liability, and may initiate settlement discussions with third parties based on the surveyor report.

5. The claim is settled as per policy terms. In cases of disputes over liability or compensation amount, legal teams get involved in resolving the issues.

The faster you initiate claims with your insurer post-accident, the quicker settlements can be facilitated. Maintain close coordination for smooth proceedings.

Documents Required for Claims

To substantiate claims, certain documents are required that policyholders must furnish at the earliest:

  • Duly filled Claim Form with incident details
  • Copy of bike insurance policy 
  • Copy of FIR or Panchnama
  • Your contact information
  • Bike registration certificate 
  • Driver’s license copy
  • Estimates of repair costs (if applicable)  
  • Bills, receipts of treatment costs
  • Death certificate (in case of fatality)
  • Any other document demanded by the surveyor/insurer

Having these documents ready even before any untoward incident occurs will help accelerate claims settlement.

What Third-Party Plans Do Not Cover?

While third-party bike policies safeguard you from major financial pitfalls, being aware of the exclusions is important for complete clarity:

  • Any damage to your bike itself is not covered
  • Injuries or damages caused while driving without a valid license get rejected
  • Losses due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are excluded
  • Geographical limitations exist, i.e., the policy covers only a particular region
  • Usage restrictions apply, like avoiding bikes for commercial activities 

Analyse policy documents in-depth and strictly adhere to all terms for maximum benefits. Opt for complete insurance plans for the protection of your vehicle alongside liabilities.

Why Choose Kotak General Insurance for Your Bike?

When shopping for third-party bike covers, Kotak General Insurance makes for a reliable choice. Benefits such as:

  • Instant policy issuance
  • Cashless garage network across India 
  • Add-on covers for enhanced protection
  • Quick assistance and claim processing via the Kotak General Insurance web portal
  • No claim bonuses to lower premiums
  • Expert support through 24×7 helplines

Kotak General Insurance also offers complete insurance with options of depreciation add-on cover to safeguard your bike completely. Compare plans and premiums before making an informed selection.


Riding cautiously by following road safety laws is the first step to avoiding accidents and ensuing headaches. However, even the most careful bikers can become victims of accidents caused by others. In such cases, having generous third-party bike insurance coverage is the only way to steer clear of massive financial burdens resulting from accidental injury or damage. 

Hence, without valid third-party insurance, bike owners expose themselves to avoidable legal and monetary risks when on the road. Choose wisely and ride peacefully!