Diamonds are enduring, but their brilliance relies on proper care. Even a minor scratch or tarnish can diminish their beauty, something no one desires. To preserve the radiance of your diamond drop earrings, here are some valuable tips exclusively for you. 

Remember that while you may encounter a wide variety of diamond drop earrings, learning how to care for them is equally important. After all, diamond jewellery is akin to a treasure, and even small diamond drop earrings hold great value.

How To Clean Your Diamond Drop Earrings

Cleaning diamond drop earrings at home is quite easy. You need to follow these simple tips:

Things You Need

  • A bowl
  • Mild and unscented liquid soap
  • Soft cloth
  • A soft toothbrush
  • Warm water

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Add some warm water to a bowl.
  2. Place your diamond drop earrings in it and let them soak for a few minutes. 
  3. Now, add some liquid soap or dishwasher soap and mix. 
  4. Let the earrings soak again for at least 30 minutes. You’ll notice that some dirt will come off in the water. 
  5. Later, take the diamond drop earrings out and use a soft cloth to dry them. 
  6. If dirt is stuck to the earrings, gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  7. Dry the earrings completely before storing them safely. 

Note: If the design is intricate and there are various little diamonds in the earrings, we would suggest you visit a nearby jewellery store for professional cleaning. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Diamond Drop Earrings

Apart from cleaning the diamond drop earrings, you also need to take care of a few things to ensure they look new. Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of diamond jewellery: 


  • Store Them Safely

Diamonds are strong but they are prone to scratches. So, always store them carefully. Use a soft cloth to wrap them and place your diamond drop earrings in a different pouch. Avoid mixing them with other jewellery as they may get entangled or get scratched from other jewellery. 

  • Take it Off When Wearing Certain Products

Beauty and skincare products like lotion, sunscreen or even perfumes can dull your diamond drop earrings as they often leave behind a thin residue, stealing the sparkle of your diamonds. So, always take off your diamond drop earrings while applying such products. 

  • Be Gentle

Whether handling the jewellery or cleaning it, ensure you do it gently. This is a simple tip but it can protect your diamonds for a long time. 


• Avoid using harmful chemicals: Avoid using chemicals that can damage the metal of your diamond drop earrings. This includes household cleaning products like glass cleaners and window cleaners, as they often contain bleach.

• Minimize handling: Frequent touching of your diamond earrings with bare hands can transfer natural oils, leading to greasiness, dirt, and dullness. Minimize touching and gently wipe the earrings with a soft cloth before storing them in a jewellery box.

Avoid wearing while sleeping: Remove your diamond drop earrings before bed to prevent damage to the earring settings and loosening of prongs. Store them safely in a jewellery box instead.

The Takeaway

Diamond drop earrings have a mesmerising charm that can stay intact only if you care for them well. Use the aforementioned and safeguard your precious pieces. And in case you wish to buy some latest diamond drop earrings, try brands like Mia by Tanishq as they have just launched some stunning earrings for this season. Happy Shopping!