If you’re going into any type of business and you hope to be successful, you simply have to have the right tools. Basically, if you don’t have the proper tools, how do you expect to perform the work?

Many startups and beginning business owners fail before they even begin because they don’t anticipate overall startup cost, but far many fail because they haven’t acquired the proper tools. And if there’s one thing true about the contracting business, all of this work requires a variety of tools.

The types of tools that you’ll need are going to vary from job to job, and with the type of contracting work that you perform. But there are a few universal tools that all contractors must have in order to be successful.

The following post will detail some of the most essential tools that you’ll need to be successful as a contractor.


If you’re going to be a contractor, you’re going to need reliable transportation to your job sites. And this is most commonly done with a reliable and professional-looking work truck.

As a contractor, you’re going to need to be able to transport your tools, equipment, and materials. As such, you can’t rely on the family minivan to get any big-paying jobs completed.

But many prospective contractors when starting out simply don’t have the capital to spend on a brand new work truck with a towing package.

In order to maintain a professional look and to adequately transport tools and materials to the job site, you can rent a pickup truck with a towing package until you’re able to afford one on your own. Additionally, you’ll also be able to have a magnetic logo made to place on the truck to help you advertise your services as you drive around town.

Communications Equipment

Communications are essential for any business. And this is especially true for anyone in the contracting business. Basically, you’ll need to be able to get in touch with all of your colleagues, laborers, and other professionals at any given time, so having quality communication equipment is a business essential.

Though you’ll obviously need a business cellphone, other communications equipment such as a satellite phone may be required if you’re working in remote areas where no cell service is available.

Additionally, having the means to retrieve data in a practical way, send emails, and answer online communications is also essential. As such, a smartphone will be an asset. But having a tablet or a lightweight laptop with a wireless hotspot may also be required. Plus this will provide you with a practical way to send and retrieve data in an efficient manner.

Heavy Equipment 

Though you may not land a job that requires the need for heavy equipment right in the beginning of your contracting career, the time may eventually come when you do need these tools.

Heavy equipment such as backhoes, excavators, large-scale augers, and bulldozers are all quite costly. For example, some newer models of backhoes can cost upwards of 90,000 dollars. And when you’re just starting out, you might not have this kind of cash on hand.

In order to get around this, consider purchasing heavy equipment at auction for a much lower price. Or seek out heavy equipment rentals as well.

Additionally, believe it or not, pawn shops are also great resources for acquiring heavy equipment. Many contractors sell their old heavy equipment to pawn shops, and you can even find other tools and equipment that you may find useful.

As a contractor, you’ll likely need many more tools than those which are mentioned here. But depending on the nature of the work that you do, this will dictate the type of tools that you need to perform your work successfully and professionally.

Remember, every job requires the right tools. And its part of your job to have these tools ready for when you finally begin your contracting endeavor.