Personalized stickers are vital for marketing because they help draw out the real identity of your brand. You should look for the right sticker printing service to create the perfect labels to make your brand stand out. Visit for one of the best and affordable sticker printing companies. Choosing the right material for your stickers is essential for extended service. With the right material, the chances of your sticker label wearing out are very minimal. 

Printing of stickers and bad weather: define your needs to choose the right material

Whether it is quietly installed on the door of your fridge or subjected to bad weather on the boot of your car, the life of a sticker varies. You should first identify where the sticker will be used to choose a suitable material for that particular area. This will help you pick a material that can withstand certain conditions that result in the wearing out of your sticker.

What uses for what stickers?

Whether it is distributed in a rap concert, given in a skate shop, offered in a cereal box, or given at the counter of an insurance agency, a sticker will have its own life: it will be registered in a given communication campaign, with a given target, and for a given use.

Thus the sticker of the football player to be collected in a notebook will not have the same vocation as the sticker of a union intended to end up stuck on a wall, nor that of a plumber sticking an adhesive on the boilers he repairs.

For each type of use of a sticker (expected lifespan, indoor or outdoor use …), you should consider a specific type of material. 

The different types of media for printing stickers

The stickers can be printed on several types of media, ranging from high gloss chrome coated paper to vinyl coated plastic, in white or transparent.

Stickers on coated paper

  • Indoors: stickers on coated paper, in high-gloss chrome, for example. Advantageous in terms of costs, these stickers give a beautiful rendering. More fragile and less resistant to time and bad weather, these stickers are perfect for “home” use. Exposed to the sun, the colors will gradually disappear after a few months.
  • Outside: stickers on laminated vinyl paper. Vinyl paper is a lightly plasticized medium. Therefore, it tears less easily. Therefore, the vinyl sticker is ideal if it has to be glued outdoors, on shop windows, windows, etc. Its lifespan will be much longer than a sticker on coated paper.

Popular types of sticker paper include white and transparent. The transparent sticker is generally stuck on windows or bottles to highlight the contents of the sticker while maintaining the transparency of the material on which it is glued. It can also be stuck on opaque material and will then let the color of its support show through. Please note that it is impossible to print the color white on a transparent adhesive. Printing very light colors will give poor rendering. The white film-coated vinyl sticker is opaque. You should choose a sticker printing material that meets your needs.