Imagine yourself in a landscape of sharpened pyramid-like peaks, the sound of music scenery, beautiful cottages peeking through the trees, sweet songs by Black-necked cranes and splashing of some waterfalls.

You must also have Kashmir in mind. For ages, tourists have been drawn to Kashmir’s beauty.

Kashmir – A canvas of incredible beauty

Because of the many amazing things Kashmir has to offer, it is often called “Paradise on Earth”.

It is a home to lovely glades and forests. You can see the vast mists from the rivers curving in thin spirals around the mountains. There are beautiful glades, forests, and trees of pineapple, cedar, which add a sense of serenity.

Tourists often find relief from the harsh mountains by the sight of clouds. This is a beautiful place to spend your holiday in the laps of Nature and that’s why everyone pick their Kashmir Packages very specifically.

The Magic of Tiny Hamlets

Kashmir is well-known for its few tourist spots, such as Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Yusmarg. But, it also has many other places that aren’t known to tourists or the rest of the world until a few decades ago.

The magic lies in the tiny, magical hamlets of Kashmir, where tourists can experience a sense of rejuvenating warmth because it is unaffected by pollution and population explosions.

This is a world where the sky does not get cut by overhead power lines. The lesser-known Kashmir is what makes sightseeing so much more enjoyable and blissful for tourists around the globe.

This is our top ten list of tourist attractions in Kashmir that you should not miss.

  • Chatpal
  • Bangus/ Reshwari
  • Daksum
  • Karnah
  • Marwan Valley
  • Matlab
  • Gurez
  • Lolab Valley
  • Trail Valley
  • Bhaderwah

Chatpal – The Land of Sublime Ecstasy

While you may be familiar with the stunning scenery of Srinagar and Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg, or Yusmarg, few people have ever described the beauty of the Chatpal village in Kashmir. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kashmir. It is found in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

Lush forests and deep green mountains surround it, and beautiful stretches of turf that are ringed with trees; brimming with innocent shepherds and Graziers; and the river, which is sometimes lazy and energetic, is a joyous sight. It is a treasure trove of solitude and serenity.

Stone embankments narrow the channel and further slow down the flow. This creates a stunning contrast to the river’s gentle beauty.

The beauty of the green trees is unmatched. This is a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Adventure lovers will enjoy a pleasant trek through the forest around Chatpal.

Chatpal is perhaps the most pleasant spot in the entire world.

Chatpal: Best Time

Each season is unique in Kashmir. Summer is the best season to visit Chatpal. (15degC to25degC) The beauty of Chatpal’s lush green forests and gushing streams will make your sightseeing more enjoyable and relaxing. Although winter can be brutal, it is the best season to see beautiful snowfall in Chatpal.

Chatpal: How do you reach them?

Srinagar Airport (or the nearest airport) is where you can hire a taxi for a 90-km journey. Jammu Tawi Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Chatpal. You can drive along the Anantnag-Chitergul Road. You can reach Chitergul by a local shared jeep starting from Achabal. You will need to rent a special Jeep for Chatpal from here.

Where can you stay?

Chatpal’s best accommodation is a fully furnished tourist bungalow maintained by Jammu and Kashmir. It offers all amenities and basic facilities to tourists.

Bangus/ Reshwari – “The Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!”

Bangus Valley is one of the most underrated tourist spots in Kashmir. Bangus Valley can be found in the picturesque Kupwara District. Bangus Valley is a beautiful place. The boldness of its sounds and sight can be seen when one looks at it. It is surrounded by rich and beautiful flora, fauna and plants. This spot is one of the most stunning in the world.

The forests of pine trees are breathtaking; the mountain ridges that are reflected in the streams of Tilwan Kul and Douda Kul are as beautiful and elegant as a mirror.

It is home to many species of animals like the antelope, brown bear, musk dear and mighty snow leopard, as well as beautiful migratory birds such Tragopan, Monal pheasants, bush quail, and others.

The valley is surrounded on both sides by the Howkibal Mountains and Qazinag, Shamsbery Mountains.

Mysterious Caves of Delight

The waters of Bangus Valley are as soft and silky as silk. Strange stories are told about the Kala Roos Caves of Bangus Valley, which contain the Stone Age wall painting.

It is believed that the cave acts as a gateway to Russia. There are also streams within Kala Roos Caves that may be navigable but not completely. These caves represent a recollection of the splendour of old.

Canvas of Bliss

Bangus is a stunning landscape of green turf, clear streams and snow Cladded Mountains. The valley is a pearl-filled emerald. This is a great place to hike, take pictures of scenic beauty and for couples. Tourists will find blissful experiences here.

How do I reach Bangus Valley?

  • Air –Srinagar Airport, located 90 km from Kupwara, is the nearest airport.
  • Train –Barahmullah, 64 km from Kupwara, is the nearest Railhead.
  • Bus –Buses and taxis from Srinagar are readily available to reach Bangus Valley.

Where can you stay?

Tourists can stay in the Reshwari guest house on the banks of the river Mawar. Tourists can enjoy a blissful experience in Bangus Valley by staying at a variety of government-run huts.

What is Important?

  • To trek in Bangus Valley, permission must be obtained in advance from the district magistrate of Kupwara.
  • The SP of Kishtwar must be notified in advance. Tourists are also not permitted to spend the night in Bangus Valley.

Daksum – A Bucket Full Of Joy and Adventure

Daksum Valley is located in Bhringi River, which is just before the Mughal Gardens at Achabal. Daksum offers something for everyone: Scenic beauty and mountains for artists; joy and pleasure of picnicking for families and friends; and a romantic setting for couples.

Coniferous forests, hidden grassy meadows, and snowy mountains are all beautiful. Daksum Valley is a mile long, and every inch of it shows its incredible beauty.

The brighter grassy meadows begin where the dark coniferous forests end. Without having visited the Daksum valley, it is difficult to describe the contrasts and colours that can be seen there.

Tourists enjoy the natural beauty of springs and the traditional lifestyle of villages.

This is the perfect spot for trekking and camping. The beautiful scenery that runs to the Simthan Pass is breathtaking. It is a mixture of serenity and thrill. The view is stunning because the grass has been applied to the wooden slopes at Daksum’s sides.

Trout can also be found in this area, as the Bhringi River is full. Tourists can fish by obtaining permission from the J&K forest division.

The Best Time to Visit Daksum

Daksum Valley is best visited in summer. Tourists have the option to go camping, fishing or trekking. The Winter season offers the joy of seeing snowfall, which begins in November and continues until February. Monsoon offers the opportunity to see the incredible energy of the meandering Bhringi River.

How do you visit Daksum?

  • By Air: Srinagar International Airport (SRI) is the closest Airport. Anantnag can be reached by taxis or buses. To reach the Daksum Valley, drive to Achabal and Kokernag.
  • By Train: The best options are Jammu Tawi Railhead or Srinagar Railhead. There are many options for taxis, buses, and taxis.
  • By road: By road, one can reach the valley of Daksum from Srinagar.

Karnah – Sublime Nature and Beautiful

Karnah, located in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara District, is a beautiful, small valley that boasts dense green meadows and undulating mountain ranges. Karnah Valley is home to many small, traditional villages. Karnah village is a reminder of the past with its palaces, forts and statues, as well as weapons and utensils that were found after excavation.

The picture-perfect view is provided by the forested slopes adorned with Deodar trees. You will be transported to a new world by the tranquillity and beauty of villages such as Tangdar, Teethwal Gundi Gujran Gundi Gujran, Amrohi and Saidpur.

The scenic beauty of Karnah is enhanced by the snowy mountain ranges of Qazi Nag, Nanga Parvat and Nanga Parvat. These natives are five thousand years old and represent distinct ancient civilizations.

Adventure lovers will love it as they can experience the thrill of activities such as rock climbing, reli skiing and snow skiing. Camping is a wonderful way to relax in the natural beauty of nature and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of camping.

Karnah is approximately 86km from Kishtwar. Karnah is in the farthest corner of Kashmir, and LOC is only a short distance away. You should be ready to answer any questions from the Indian Army.

It’s a large delta of fertile land, high cliffs and everlasting snows that makes it an ideal destination for tourists to get lost in the Infinite Thing of Joy Forever – Karnah.

Karnah’s Best Time to Visit

Karnah valley is best visited in summer to experience the tranquility of green meadows and majestic mountain peaks. Winters are a great time to see the beautiful views of the undulating mountains, but it is not suitable for tourists who want to experience the beauty of snowfall.

How do you reach?

Karnah Valley is located 86km from Kishtwara and 78km away from Kupwara. You will need to cross the Sadhna Pass, which is located over Shamsbari Range. Kupwara is easily reached by bus or taxi from Srinagar Airport.

Marwan Valley – Electric Vibes & Thrill Paradise

Marwan Valley is a peaceful place to connect with Mother Nature, away from the bustle and hustle of urban life. It is located 150km from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is approximately 3 hours drive from Anantnag District.

Marwan Valley’s charm lies in its clear, crystal-clear water that comes from magnificent waterfalls and huge Cedar trees. This scenic setting is sombre and mysterious.

The beautiful and soothing gushing of Warwan River from the Kanital Glacier provides a new experience in bliss and tranquility for tourists. The picturesque setting of Warwan Valley is breathtaking.

This charming tourist spot is unaffected by the modern world’s evil effects and enjoys a mild climate.

Trail of Never-Ending Adventures

Trekkers love it. There are many trekking routes that take you to places such as sheshnag, Pahalgam and shehnai Chittergul- Aishmuqam. The Warwan Valley’s trees and vegetation are of exceptional beauty. The paths offer stunning views of the many beautiful lakes, and tourists can enjoy the charming spectacle of the lakes. Nature has done a lot for Warwan Valley.

How do you reach?

It will take approximately 3 hours to get to this place from Kokernag in South Kashmir.

Where can you stay?

There are a few options for accommodation in Inshan Village. It’s best to return to Kokernag.

The Best Time to Visit

Tourists cannot visit Warwan Valley all year. Therefore, tourists should only travel to Warwan Valley during the most accessible months. The best time to visit Warwan Valley is June through October.


If you haven’t seen the breathtaking views of unexplored Kashmir, Matlab will be waiting for you. This is the ideal destination for nature lovers.

Matlab, one of the lesser-known places to visit in Kashmir is a notable tourist destination. It is home to the hilltop Muslim Shrine Baba Shukurddin. This shrine is one of four disciples of Sufi saint Nundresi.

It combines scenic beauty and spirituality. It still carries the Baba Shukurddin aura. Jamadi- us- Saini is the 27 th Islamic calendar month. It is celebrated by Baba Shakur-Ud-Din Wali.

You can see the stunning views from the top of the hill, including Wular Lake, Asia’s largest freshwater lake, and nearby paddy fields in the golden-green.

Matlab is also a popular spot for birdwatchers. Unique birds such as the Himalayan Monal and Himalayan Golden Eagles, Rock Dove, Barn Shallow, Rock Dove, Rock Dove, Rock Dove and many others make it a wonderful spot. This area is home to many species of fauna and flora. Matlab is home to many exciting activities, such as bird watching, fishing, or Shikara rides.

Where can you stay?

Tourists will find the forest rest house in Matlab to be the most suitable accommodation. You will get the most out of your visit to Kashmir by staying in this forest rest house.

The Best Time to Visit

Matlab is best visited in summer. Tourists can enjoy fishing and bird watching in clear weather. Winter season brings the joy of snow and rain to tourists who travel to Matlab.

Gurez – Bliss hidden by Snow

Gurez is a Himalayan village at high elevation, perched at 2400m. The valley lies approximately 86km away from Bandipore, and 123km away from Shrinagar. It is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and offers a stunning view of the Kishanganga River that flows through it.

This valley is one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir and provides shelter for a few exotic animals such as snow leopards and brown bears.

Gurez has been completely cut off from the rest of the world between November and May due to heavy snowfall. Razdan Pass will then be completely snowed out. Gurez helicopter services are offered by Kashmir’s tourism department to tourists in order to encourage tourism.

Because of its proximity to the border, trekking can be dangerous. The beauty of the landscapes, beautiful green turf in the forests, fishing in Kishen Ganga River and Potato fields are all unique charms.

Endless forests cover the valley’s bottom and reach the tops. The breathtaking beauty of Habba Khatoon Peak is a delight for tourists. Without having visited Gurez Valley once in your life, it is hard to describe the colors.

Where can you stay?

J&K tourism maintains the Dak bungalow, which is one of Gurez’s best options for accommodation. Tourists in Gurez can only stay at a few hotels, such as Sikander hotel, Kaka Palace Guest House and Noorani hotel. You can also ask locals to let you use their guest house. It is a good idea to contact a tour operator.

The Best Time to Visit

Winter snowfall can cause the valley of Gurez to remain closed. Summer is the best season to visit Gurez Valley. Enjoy the beauty of breathtaking landscapes and take amazing photos in summer.

How do you reach?

To reach Gurez, a shared taxi or bus from Udhampur or Srinagar is the best option. Gurez can be reached by Air Srinagar Airport.

Lolab Valley – Valley of Bliss

Lolab valley, also known as Wadi – e Lolab, is one of Kashmir’s most peaceful and tranquil destinations. It is accessible via Road and is more well-known than any other place.

Lolab is well-known for its picturesque apple orchards and lake as well as shaded paddy fields and springs. Lolab is made up of three mysterious valleys: Kalaroos, Potnai and Brunai.

The scenic beauty of Nagmarg Meadows is a delight to photographers. It separates Lolab District from Bandipora District. Tourists will be captivated by the sight of Lahwal River.

Lalpur, a village in the Indian state of Gujarat, is where sage Kashyap rests. This village is a haven for tourists who enjoy the beauty and serenity of its picturesque surroundings. Lolab is approximately one kilometre away. This village is a charming one.

Its magnificence is enhanced by the presence of two springs, Lavnag and Gauri, near Lolab Valley. The spring’s crystal-clear water is extremely soothing for the soul.

Lolab Valley is home to the following animals: Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear and Ibex.

Where can you stay?

Jammu and Kashmir Government Accommodations, Chandigham, just before Lolab, is the best place to stay for a peaceful experience.

The Best Time to Visit

Lolab Valley is best visited in summer. You can get lost in the beautiful scenery and take in the stunning views. It is worth visiting the Walnut, Cherry, Apple, and Peach trees. Winter has many sights and sounds. Lola’s snow-covered beauty is a delight for tourists.

How do you reach?

A bus or taxi to Srinagar Airport to get to Kupwara and Lolab is an option. Lolab is accessible by road from NH1.

Hidden Drops of Serenity in Tulail Valley

You should also include Tulail Valley on your Kashmir Tours list. It is one the most beautiful places in Kashmir. You can cover it in one day from Gurez, as it is a Himalayan valley. You can reach Tulail by road from Gurez through picturesque landscapes along the Kishanganga River.

You will pass the villages of Chakwali (Barna), Kashpat, Zargai, Kashpat and Kashpat along the way. Finally, you will reach the Purani Tulail village. These scenic landscapes offer a visual feast for the eyes and ears. Built houses in the Tulail region with interlocking logs that aren’t attached to anything. This virgin valley is a great spot for photo sessions. The freshwater trout are also very popular in this area.

This valley is a mesmerizing place to be. The misty clouds that hang over the green mountains, flower meadows, horizon, and unbound horizon create a magical atmosphere. To enter the Tulail area, you must obtain a permit from Dawar Police Station. It is mandatory to apply for a number of permits from Army Camps or SP in order to enter the Trail region.

How do you reach?

The best way to reach Tulail from Srinagar Airport is via the Barahmullah Railway Line. By road, it takes approximately 6-7 hours to reach Trail.

The Best Time to Visit

Summer is the best time to visit Tulail Valley. It is a great time to share the beauty of the countryside with your family and friends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bhaderwah – The Naaga Bhoomi

Bhaderwah is a great way to enjoy the flavor of Kashmiri cuisine without going through too much trouble. Bhaderwah can be found in the data region of Jammu & Kashmir at the foothills Himalayas.

Bhaderwah stands out from other tourist destinations in Kashmir. Bhaderwah’s mountainous location has the potential to increase adventure activities.

Bhaderwah is known for its glittering water bodies, abundant flora, fauna, and Rocky terrains.

Because it is home to many species of snakes, it is sometimes called “Nagon Ki Boomi”. Visit the Nagraj Vasuki Temple, which is made from one stone.

You might be a daring soul and enjoy adventure activities such as paragliding, skiing, mountaineering, rafting, rock climbing, or even angling.

Seoj Meadow offers tourists paragliding opportunities in the stunning terrains of Bhaderwah. Nature lovers will find the meadow a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

You can also give your summer vacations in Kashmir a new twist by reviewing camping in Jai Valley, Bhaderwah.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Bhaderwah is winter season, as it offers many adventure opportunities for tourists. Because of the mild weather, it is the best time to visit Bhaderwah.

Where can you stay?

Bhaderwah has both government-run and private accommodation options. These include hotels such as Bagwan Guest House or Trc Bhadarwah, Winners Guest House or Snow Valley Guest House.

How do you reach?

  • By Air- Jammu Airport, which is closest to Bhaderwah, is the nearest Airport. From Jammu Airport, one can easily take a taxi or bus to Bhaderwah.
  • Rail –Jammu Tawi, the best train option to reach Bhaderwah, is available. Jammu is only 206km from Bhaderwah.
  • By bus –From Jammu, Bhaderwah takes approximately 6-7 hours by bus. It takes 5-6 hours via Udhampur.