If I ask you about one company that was in the news for all the wrong or right reasons, I’m sure most of my readers will answer Facebook. Or rather Meta as the name has changed for the parent company controlling Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, amongst others. Mark Zuckerberg announced this change and was looking quite excited about this development. From Facebook Papers to whistleblowers accusing Facebook of going just for profit not taking care of the privacy of its users, especially children, and teenagers.

This can be another topic for debate, but I am more focused on how Meta will now work on Metaverse and some related aspects. 

The name of the famous social media app and the platform will remain the same as this was one question that everyone asked. This is a good decision, as changing the name of Facebook would have created many problems for the users. 

Formerly Facebook, the company has changed its name and announced it is time to venture into Metaverse which is being touted as the next big thing for the tech world. Just like the Internet has revolutionized e-commerce and how people can get information at their fingertips, Metaverse also promises a drastic change. One good example being discussed extensively is about checking out Facebook feeds while playing your favorite game like Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto. 


Meta Platforms Inc. is the full name of formally Facebook Inc. As it is aggressively trying to venture into Metaverse. For the time being, think of the duration of the Internet part of shared virtual and Augmented reality. Let me define this aspect in detail as for most of my readers, going through lots of technical jargon being published in the news, this would be an alien concept. 

It is a broader term that may be enhanced in the coming days as the term is currently looked at as overhyped based on just one concept. As the existing technology may not be able to support Metaverse as Zuckerberg has announced that the company is investing 10 billion dollars in the project. With such investment, other companies may also follow suit as no one will allow Meta to run away with all the accolades and get a lion’s share of the market. 

Salient Features and Technical Elements of Metaverse

Some of the technical elements and standards of Metaverse will be the virtual worlds, with the standard for systems virtual components working group, information technology related to media context and control, and immersive education technology group. Don’t get confused by everything that I have mentioned her goals as standards are always tough to understand by a layman. Rather focus on the elements that I will now discuss, as these are easier to understand. 

Elements of methods include video conferencing, games that I’ve mentioned above like Fortnite, the use of virtual reality, and mixing it all up with social media and live streaming. Obviously, we are talking about technology that is about to change social media and the use of the internet as we know it. With Mark Zuckerberg working on something like Metaverse is surely going to create ripples across the technology world. And with all major tech giants, jumping on the bandwagon, these are exciting as well as confusing times for the user. 

There will be several new app ideas that will make things spicier, especially for the gaming industry, so that they can make their presence felt in the new realm. Metaverse will change everything for the better as the use of smartphones/handheld devices will be increased exponentially as new and exciting technology will propel the demand for this.

What to Expect in the Future?

It is a revolutionary new thing all right and will take some time to materialize. Because Meta is behind it and Mark Zuckerberg’s work is leaving no stone unturned, this is going to be something. But still, there are chances that the technology may not take off and turn out to be a disappointment. What will be its future is the million-dollar question as another technology or current ones like AI, AR, and VR can also bounce back with something drastic. 

AI is already looking very bright and there are many tools available that are making waves. Distance makes life very busy so that they have less work to do. One example is Jarvis which is a tool that is designed to create content in just about any topic. Even the free version offers level writing after you give the software the topic for a single sentence. Just AI is destined to Eliminate many current jobs that are performed by humans. This is just one drawback of technology as we may pay an even higher price in the future.


Meta is also trying to make its presence felt in the smartwatch category too and there are new leaked pictures available for the upcoming device. Code named Milan, the device has a curved screen and casing. With a front-facing camera with a notch, the design ticks all the boxes to make it work, Even in a highly saturated market. Sources close to the matter have revealed that the company is already working on three generations of smartwatches.

Fitbit and Apple watches are the grace and Samsung has also a sizable presence. But the loyal fans of the  Facebook app will go for the smartwatch, as it will certainly have some features that will connect it with the app. The company will be looking to get assistance from expert developers especially those working for a reputed mobile app development company to come up with excellent apps. In this way, amazing apps will make it worth the money spent on the watch. 

Final Word 

Metaverse is going to be one of the most sought-after technologies in the coming few years, even if it is not getting the kind of reception Meta or other companies anticipated right now. But one thing is for sure, you will hear a lot about this technology and with its emphasis on social media, it is going to be something that will affect virtually every one of us.

What is your take on this topic, and do you think that this is going to be a new revolution? Or Mark Zuckerberg is just trying to make a sweeping statement for something that is not worth the hype? Please offer your valuable feedback for this blog or ask any question that you have in mind by using the comments section below.