Today businesses are continually working towards meeting the rising customer demands and finding solutions to migrate to a technology that provides seamless functionalities backed with exceptional customer experience. 

For every call centre, communication, is undeniably the key when it comes to delivering successful customer service.  

When employees have a deep understanding of their company’s values and current policies, they are able to perform their duties with confidence. Therefore, clear communication within an organization can help in staff motivation, realistic goal setting, reduced costs, and greater customer satisfaction. However, they also need the necessary tools to achieve these. 

Software for call centers refers to tools that help you handle your business’s inbound and outbound operations. It aids in automating telephonic operations that otherwise would require extensive investment in hardware and manpower. 

Before investing in software for call centers, you need to understand the need of switching to a cloud-based call center?

Reduced Costs

Building an in-house call center can be costly and time-consuming. It requires setting up all the necessary infrastructure, purchasing hardware, renting a space, and hiring and managing IT officers who will maintain all of that. 

However, a cloud-based call center will help in reducing these costs to a great extent. You don’t need to invest in all the mentioned infrastructure and staff. You just need to pay the monthly subscription fees to enjoy the benefits that come with such software.

Offers 360 Degrees Customer Support

Cloud-based call centers being available anytime and anywhere, agents can efficiently respond to customer inquiries. 

After understanding the reasons for switching to a cloud-based call center, we bring you a list of vital factors that make KENT CamCall the best in the business: 

  1. No Need for Software Installation

One of the most critical features in a software for call centers is that it should come with an app-less ecosystem for both the agents and the customers. You should be able to connect the software with all the devices such as- Mobile/ Tab/Desktop using the default browser. Hence, this helps in improving the communication between the customer and the agent. 

  1. Offers Video Calling Feature

Unlike traditional software, we now have call centers that offer high-quality live video calls to give a differentiated experience to the customers. This advanced video-based software for call center helps agents deal with the most challenging days of complicated customer interactions and also facilitates increased customer engagement. Enabling ease of use, the software will allow you to initiate a call through a shareable link, QR code scan, widgets on a website, embedded links, and digital marketing ads. 

  1. Offers High-Level Data Security

Security regarding data is one of the major concerns that businesses face. You can tackle this aspect of call center operations effectively with an advanced software as it enables ultimate data security, reliability, and compliance. Additionally, it also helps eliminate any potential risks of data mismanagement and is designed to deliver a superior and reliable customer experience. 

  1. Provides Seamless Integration 

You should choose software for call centers that help you integrate the solution with a website and app that takes the customer’s native experience to the next level by allowing them to initiate video calls effortlessly. 

CRM integration helps in making an agent’s job more efficient as they can quickly access customer information, which enables the agents to handle more queries in less time. 

  1. Offers Smart Call Distribution Logic

The software for call centers offer a call distribution logic feature, which is designed to deliver both agent productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Buy the Best Software for Call Centers

Now, you must have understood the factors that you must consider before buying a software for call centers and why KENT CamCall should be your first choice. It offers unique features like video calling, supervisor monitoring, and 3rd party integration. Helping you keep up with the changing customer demands, KENT CamCall can help you deliver more on your customer services. To find more, book a free demo today!