Most people will have absolutely no clue what lipase is if you were to take a random poll. But, it is something we all use every day of our lives, and it is actually a major part of our ability to continue to live from day to day.

Lipase is an enzyme that is naturally produced in the body that aids in the digestion of fats in the intestines. Created by the pancreas, it helps to break down the food we eat and allows us to absorb more of the nutritional value.

This stuff is important, there is no doubt. So, let’s go over 5 lipase benefits.

1. Indigestion Prevention And Relief

Indigestion is a sometimes painful and always unpleasant form of intestinal issue. Basically, this is what happens when your digestive system is not working properly and it is a rather uncomfortable situation. While it happens to everyone sometimes, having healthy levels of lipase can help keep it from happening very often. The fewer problems you have with your digestive system, the better off your whole life will be.

2. Heartburn Fighting

Heartburn is another of the many ways that your digestive system shows you that something is not quite right. Acids from your stomach make their way up into the throat and cause a painful burning sensation. Lower levels of lipase can lead to increased bouts of heartburn, and the various issues that can eventually lead to, such as esophageal issues or other problems involving the throat. These can become rather severe issues, so they are something to be avoided when possible.

3. Healthy Digestion Overall

When your digestive tract gets enough lipase, you will have a much easier time with the digestion of food as well as getting rid of wastes more efficiently and effectively. Having a healthy digestive system can help you out in many different areas, not only in your intestines. You can have fewer bouts with constipation, less pain and discomfort, and also an easier time keeping your weight under control.

4. Lipase Helps From Birth

Among the many nutrients and such that a baby receives through their mother’s breast milk is lipase. This helps the baby and its newly formed intestines to properly digest the milk and its contents fully, giving the baby the absolute most out of every drop. It is even more important to babies who are born early and are underdeveloped, as it gives them a boost in nutritional absorption.

5. It Can Help You Maintain Your Waist

While dieting is always great for keeping the body you are comfortable with, if you have a lipase deficiency you will not be getting nearly as much benefit from the diet. This is due to your intestines being unable to properly break down and absorb certain fats and proteins because you aren’t getting enough lipase to break them down well and completely.

Make Sure You Are Getting Enough

Aside from these benefits, lipase levels are also a good indicator of the health of your pancreas, as this is the organ that produces it for you. Therefore, if your lipase levels are off, you could potentially be on the verge of having some rather serious issues with your pancreas.

Lipase can be added to your diet by a doctor after lipase levels have shown to be low enough to warrant a boost. People who suffer from other intestinal diseases such as Celiac or Crohn’s disease may want to have their lipase levels checked regularly, as these conditions are also known to affect lipase levels.

Eating your food is only half the battle. Lipase is a major player in the invisible war of digestion, and it is something you want to make sure you have enough of.