The human body undergoes various changes that are likely to occur as you grow older. It’s quite normal in childhood to have less hair over the baby (even the new-born baby doesn’t have hair except head-hair).

The human body covers most of the body-parts with unwanted hairs, e.g., legs, belly, and over the penis or vagina. Along with weight gain, excessive growth of hair disturbs a human being badly.

Researches didn’t show any evidences that compel to remove the unnecessary hair. However, it’s your own choice whether to get rid of them or let them grow as usual.

In this era of fashion, men and women are likely to show beauty as they tend to show off their physical appearances. When it comes to removing extra hair to look nice, you may be tired of waxing or shaving. Because you’ll get them to grow back after some time. So, you might be wondering a question:

How can I remove my un-wanted body hair permanently?

In this article, we’ll resolve your query by presenting the best treatment for you: IPL. 

Let’s discuss in detail what is IPL and why you should use it.

Intense pulsed light treatment (IPL hair removal)

It’s a cosmetic treatment having a variety of usage from removing extra hair to treating body scars. It is based on the light that falls on the body parts during working.

Usually, people consider it the same as the laser treatment, but it’s just a myth. It is not that true as Intense pulsed light delivers multiple light wavelengths, unlike laser therapy (Only one wavelength).

How does IPL work?

  • Light energy is used to target the area to remove hair.
  • A huge flash-lamp is used to put several wavelengths of light
  • Light is directed towards a device end
  • Light releases from the device, and expert focus the area (body part) where you get removed hair exactly.
  • Light absorbs at the exact surface, and heat produces there, leading to the removal of extra hair for sure.
  • The primary purpose is to damage the follicles that are responsible for hair growth.

Once you’re done with this treatment, you’ll enjoy long-lasting shiny skin.

What are its uses?

Apart from removing unwanted hair, there are other multiple uses as follow:

  1. We can use this method in treating wrinkles on the body (wrinkles appear with older age). So, this treatment helps you out in this regard.
  2. Spider veins that appear on legs due to some medical issues are so apparent that everyone who suffers wants to get them removed. Here IPL is the best choice in this regard.
  3. You can treat your skin that is damaged by the sunlight.
  4. Body scars are removed with IPL proper usage.
  5. If you encounter redness of the face (a medical issue ), intense pulsed light lends you a helping hand in reducing redness.

What makes IPL distinguished among all hair removals?

As far as its credibility is concerned, few benefits are mentioned below:

  • Fast and comfortable treatment. It doesn’t take much time to remove extra hair. Usually, it takes 4-6 minutes to eliminate unwanted hairs in the bikini area.
  • No growth of hair. As discussed, it damages the follicles due to which hair doesn’t grow again at the place where light has been applied. It gives an extra edge using IPL.
  • Long-lasting results. If you continue treating with IPL, you’ll start enjoying a permanent reduction of extra hair that will release you from the anxiety of regrowth.
  • Ignorable regrowth. Unlike other removing hair methods like shaving and waxing, the regrowth of hair is such that it’s ignorable as it’s quite natural to have thin growth again.


When it comes to removing extra hair with ease, then IPL comes first due to its distinction along with the benefits it provides.

Unlike shaving and waxing your hair, It removes unwanted hair permanently within no time.