PMP or Project Management Professional exam is given to project managers that aspire to earn the PMI or Project Management Institute certification. The test is quite tough as most questions are situational. One has to have a good grasp of project management fundamentals and best practices. Passing the exam on the first try is not easy but, if you can, you can save time, money, and effort. So, how much does a PMP exam cost? The fee depends on whether you are a member of the Project Management Institute of PMI. Members have to pay only $405 while it is $555 for non-members. 

Why Go For A PMP Certification?

Taking the PMP certification exam is quite costly. Aside from the examination fee, you must spend on a training course and study materials as part of preparing for the exam. However, if you consider the benefits that you can enjoy once you are already certified, all your efforts and expenses are worth it.

Here are some reasons to take and pass the PMP certification exam:

1. Brings better employment opportunities.

A PMP certification on your resume will assure you of getting the job that you are after. You will be standing out among other applicants, including those that have a longer experience that you. The certification proves that you have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of business management and all best management practices. Clients will give more trust to your company to handle project. Employers and headhunters will always be eager to recruit and hire you. Since a PMP certification is globally recognized, you can get a job in any part of the world.

2. Brings higher salary.

One of the reasons that many project managers aim to gain certification is the salary increase. Once you have already passed the exam, you can expect a salary increase soon. Most certified project managers earn around 20% to 25% more than their non-certified colleagues. When being offered a job, you can negotiate your salary because of your qualification.

3. Provides networking opportunities.

Becoming a member of the Project Management Institute would mean that you will belong to an independent association of project managers with around 800,000 members worldwide. There will be meetings that you must attend, and during these gatherings, the association provides information about new job opportunities. Online and offline PMI communities get in touch with each other and together, professional networks are built.

How To Pass the PMP Certification Exam Fast

With the testing fee and other expenses for the PMP certification exam, it is important to pass it on the first try. Although the exam is tough, proper preparation and the studying the right materials can make cracking the test on the first try. SPOTO can make it possible for you. SPOTO is an online certification training course agency that has been operating since 2003. For 18 years, we have produced thousands of certified project management professionals. We offer real and valid practice test items that will most likely come out in the exam.

To get the SPOTO PMP review materials, register on our website by completing the registration form. Once done, send payment and within 30 minutes, you will receive the study materials through your email. You will also get login details for our remote server where you can take the practice tests in a simulated exam environment. The computer will generate the score immediately so that you will know if you ready for the exam.

We have a team of experts who are willing to handle group or individual tutorials for the exam. You can request the SPOTO customer service team for individual or group tutorials.

About the Exam

The PMP certification exam is composed of 180 items to be answered in 230 minutes. The exam fee is $405 for PMP members and $555 for non-PMP members.