Not everyone is blessed with long and thick lashes. But, that’s alright because you can wear false lashes and look stunning. You find countless celebrities batting their thick eyelashes, but most of them are donning false ones or opted for eyelash extensions. 

There are innumerable benefits of embracing false lashes

For starters, you will get a glamorous look. Instead of curling your lashes and applying mascara, you can opt for fake lashes that are voluminous and prettier. You have to put in zero effort. Many people think it’s risky and time-consuming to put on false lashes, but it takes less than 10 seconds to put them on. As for the tricky part, false lashes are applied externally, so there is nothing you need to worry about. With utmost care, you will be able to stick the eyelashes with ease. 

This article will tell you about lashes that you can wear all day or night. 

Did you know there are eight types of eyes? Keep reading to find out more about the lashes you can put on for different eye shapes. As you move forward, you will also come across lashes you can wear all day or night. 

Understanding Your Eye Shape & The Suitable Lashes 

Before you purchase false lashes, it’s important to know what shape your eyes are. 

1. Round eyes – If you have round eyes, you’re quite lucky because any lashes would do. But, we suggest you buy criss-cross lashes. 

2. Deep-set eyes – Choose wispy and long lashes for this eye shape. Using larger lashes will brighten up your eyes. 

3. Close-set eyes – Opt for voluminous and long criss-cross lashes. 

4. Monolid – Multi-layer lashes look supremely beautiful on monolid eyes. 

5. Hooded Eyes – A fluttery mix is best for your kind of eyes because you have an extra layer of skin. Choose something long and fluttery. 

6. Upturned eyes – How about choosing flared half lashes? Criss-cross lashes would look good too. 

7. Downturned Eyes – Flared lashes will help you get the cat-eye look. Make use of eyeliner to highlight your pretty features. 

8. Almond eyes – If you have almond eyes, you are blessed. On second thought, any shape is excellent, but any lash suits almond eyes. Hence, you can choose anything your heart desires. 

What do false eyelashes do to your face? 

False eyelashes can be work daily or even for special occasions. It depends on how comfortable you are and the type of look you wish to achieve. 

It adds dimension to your beautiful face. But, it is essential to choose the right kind of lashes for your eyes. If the right one’s chosen, your eyes will look stunning. 

But, the wrong kind of lashes can be a disaster. 

Make sure you read the instructions on the product and watch some videos before placing the fake lashes. 

Can you wear false lashes every day? 

Why not? You can wear it anytime! 

However, we would suggest you buy the right kind of lashes. Firstly, understand the shape of your eyes, and then purchase the right kind of product. 

Secondly, choose a reputable brand that offers pretty lashes. Don’t think a lot about the price as beauty products are an investment. 

You can wear the fake lashes to college, work, and even a date night. In case you are specifically looking for lashes that you can wear all day (or night), go for something full and wispy. It should not be too heavy for your fluttery eyes. 

It should give a natural touch to your face. Hence, choosing a brand that offers natural-looking lashes is essential. 

Easy to wear, lightweight, and most of the lashes are reusable too. What’s the harm in trying? Your face will look brighter and prettier with the right kind of lashes. So, go ahead and get the DOE look.