PVC products were once associated only with linoleum. This, in turn, was present in hospitals, offices, schools or other public spaces and was not associated with coziness and good style, but only with practicality. Currently, however, it is the practicality of PVC products, combined with an interesting, modern design, that makes them eagerly used both as chair pads and kitchen carpets.

Attractive PVC kitchen rugs – why is it worth having them?

Kitchen carpet? Everyone will say right away that this is a completely impractical solution. Spilled liquids, crumbs, food scraps – everything soaks into the carpet and looks uninviting. But on the other hand – how comfortable it is, pleasant for the feet (especially if you have tiles in the kitchen …) and stylish! So how to reconcile the desire to have a carpet and at the same time not to be disappointed after the first week of using it? Vinyl kitchen rugs are the solution! Made of waterproof material, they do not absorb any dirt and are extremely easy to clean. Moreover, the beautiful patterns and colors make them difficult to distinguish from short-pile rugs. They are also pleasant for the feet, and most importantly – simply insanely practical.

Vinyl desk and chair pads – a clean home office

Scratched, dirty with paints, pens and who-knows-what else, the desk is almost a standard in every home where a student lives. But with the help of a PVC desk mat, this can be changed! Such protection is a perfect solution not only for an expressive child, but also for anyone who works remotely from home and uses a desk. Thanks to this, its surface will be protected against scratches, e.g. from moving the computer, as well as against dirt from a coffee cup or spilled paints, which can be easily removed. The desk remains like new for a long time, and the office space is neat and neat.

The same function is performed by vinyl chair pads, thanks to which the floor is protected against scratches and at the same time it is slightly soundproof. In addition, an interesting pad slightly isolates the bare feet from the floor, and also looks interesting.

PVC products are visually attractive and extremely practical. The convenience of their use and resistance to many conditions, as well as the ease of cleaning, make them perfect for places where an ordinary carpet simply cannot do!