No is the answer if you ask in 2022. Yet, it was used two decades before and later became a black hat SEO technique. If you are an owner of one or more websites, you must hire SEO Perth to follow white hat SEO techniques. Otherwise, you will be penalized, or your site will be reported as spam. We have discussed its history in this blog and how LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, becomes important in SEO.

The 1990s to 2000 Search Engines

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yandex
  • CC Search
  • Swiss cows
  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage
  • Search Encrypt
  • Gibiru
  • OneSearch
  • Boardreader
  • giveWater
  • Ekoru
  • Ecosia
  • Twitter
  • SlideShare
  • Internet Archive
  • Brave
  • Neeva
  • Yahoo
  • WolframAlpha

Today Google is the most sought search engine in this world. Yet, being a US-based company, it was ignored by many countries which are against the USA. Thus, the use of Meta Keywords were there in other search engines. Website owners used it to bring ranking to their website. They all followed the bad practices listed below.

1.  Stuffing many keywords

2.  Using Meta Keywords which is irrelevant

3.  Duplicating keywords

4.  Webmasters used it as one of the SEO techniques

Initially, the Google search engine crawled and brought down results based on Meta Keywords. Later, Google found it was a bad practice, and they have not encouraged it since 2000.

Changes in Search Engine Algorithms became the first to update any technical and non-technical changes, updates and use of the latest technology to improvise their search engine. Their aim is to serve with true information. Thus, the way scammers increased, they cannot show it with Google.

The other search engine does update as per Google. Yet, they might take time if it is a huge investment in IT infrastructure. The use of LSI Keywords became much more famous after Meta Keywords became irrelevant in web page ranking.  

Thus, the other search engines follow what Google search engine updates its algorithm. It is why Google is trusted globally. Others will take time to update, and scammers will take away your wealth or money at the time. It is why Google is the first to identify and block scammers by updating its search engine algorithm. Meta Keywords is one such update which Google took measures in the early 1990s.

Thus, webmasters are the tech people who can understand such updates or changes in search engine algorithms. They usually read that tech stuff on Google updates, tech blogs and forums. It would help if you could find a webmaster in your SEO service provider. They give suggestions and feedback to follow the best practice or a White Hat SEO practices. It is the only way to be at the forefront with your competitors online. Otherwise, they will take advantage of your ignorance, and you will not make any sale or service from your website.  

Latent Semantic Indexing

SEO Perth uses the LSI as one of the best SEO tools in search of keywords. It lists your keywords and competitors too. Thus, you will find how many hits, the number of times searched, and its ranking on the top 5 search engines. Today, SEO service providers rely upon LSI keywords. Taking the most hit and adding them to your website will boost your site ranking on any search engine.

There Are many LSI tools. Yet, you have to stick with the best one, which is user-friendly, displays results with full statistics and is downloadable in excel sheets and PDF files. It will improvise ranking than the use of Meta tags and keywords. Many of the SEO service providers in Perth have shown positive results by using this new tool. Today LSI is available as a separate tool and one of the tools in many SEO tool sites online. They are sold as SaaS products. A few of the SEO tools are free for life. Yet, you will get a better result from premium SEO tools with the LSI keyword as one of the tools. The benefits of using LSI are as follows.

Your site will rank at the top of the search engine results page (SERPs) as you analyze your competitor’s keywords and how they pull organic and inorganic traffic to their website. It would help if you could check LSI updates weekly once. You will find new keywords, and long-tail keywords are in use daily. LSI is part of the SEO strategy used on your website for ranking purposes. Stuffing LSI keywords will not work on SERP ranking.

The LSI Keywords are trending now as it includes direct, social media and other relevant stuff online. The search engine crawlers recognize those keywords and pull your website to the top SERPs. Thus, if a person checks Google or Bing, the SERP will remain the same. Yet, their number statistics will differ as Google has much data. It will help if you check with your SEO agency and show your website’s static as per LSI.

To Conclude

SEO Perth is following the best practices in the website and ancillary services. Thus, they are trusted, and many E-coms, bloggers, social media marketing and others who have a digital address online rely on them. They use the latest in LSI Keywords and see that your website comes on the top of SERPs. It would help if you could hire them on a yearly contract as website and SEO services are ongoing until the internet is there in this world.