Parenting has evolved a long way from where it was once. Gone are the days of corporal punishments for students because of their wrong-doings. Nowadays, children have become more sensitive. And owing to today’s day and age, parents too have become quite lenient. They discuss and make their children understand why or why not to do things.

Now, this matter may have had many positives, but it also has a big loophole. In today’s society, certain behaviors and actions of children are not even considered faults, and they are allowed to let go of them. They are barely held responsible for their misconduct. And that is the sole reason why instilling moral values in children, and students have become a necessity. Therefore, moral education is a must-have from primary schooling onwards, so that children understand and get used to it from the very beginning.

 Moral values- a brief overview

Moral values are psychological traits that assist us in making judgments and decisions on the basis of our beliefs of right or wrong. Moral values might range from person to person because we all have diverse experiences. This explains why we behave differently in different situations. Also, a person’s values are a reflection of their upbringing. Keeping this factor in mind, every abu dhabi school has designed moral value training programs in their curriculums to lay the foundation for building students’ characters.

Importance of moral values in students’ lives

Following are some of the important moral values, that play a major role in the overall development of a student-

  • Helps tackle wrong influences

Children who were raised with strong moral values are more confident in themselves. They are less prone to succumb to negative influences since they rarely feel compelled to follow the crowd. That is why every Abu Dhabi school takes special care in teaching ethics and values to the students.

  • Enhances self-confidence

Helping needy people with whatever they can, and voluntarily participating in some good work, makes students feel good about themselves. This self-affirmation helps them create positive relationships by boosting their self-confidence.

  • It changes their outlook

Children who can distinguish between right and wrong may also distinguish between what is good and what is bad. This contributes to their overall worldview. When something wrong occurs, a child with a strong moral compass will not simply stand by. They’ll do everything they can to either fix it or handle it. So, the essence of starting this early, right from the days of primary schooling, helps a great deal in instilling ethics and values inside them. 

  • Respecting people

Different religions, races, gender, opinions, and lifestyles should all be respected by others. We all feel very good from within when we lift others around us rather than putting them down. Students must understand that their success will not be based on the failures of others.

  • Makes team players

Another important lesson that moral values teach students is to work together as a team. Everyone must work together to attain a common goal. If this is not done, a few people will profit while the rest of us suffer. Healthy competition can encourage people to develop, but we must first and foremost cooperate in order to be really successful as a society.

  • Helps to be honest

Dishonesty and cheating must be taught to students as bad habits that will lead to failure in the future. Cheating as a student only serves to harm oneself. Even if dishonesty is beneficial in the short term (e.g., cheating on a test), it will eventually catch up with a person and result in bad long-term effects. Therefore, ethical values must be taught from early days so that children could understand the importance of honesty.


Children are exposed to a variety of disciplines at an early age and are able to connect with their moral aspects. And this happens best when morals, ethics, and discipline are being taught right from the beginning of primary schooling. Moral Education also aids in the development of critical thinking in pupils, as they tend to become more reasonable and aware of their surroundings.

So these were some of the many reasons why moral values are a necessary and integral part of a school’s curriculum. And this is the very reason why each abu dhabi school has specially designed curriculum structures and interactive sessions to make children understand the importance of moral values and ethics in their lives.