Acing a job interview is an art in itself. You need to be careful not only in terms of your word choice but also in your body language and mannerism. Fidgeting, sitting improperly and not maintaining proper eye contact can seriously undermine your chances of selection.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I had a hard time finding the right team members for my business. I contacted one of the topmost mortgage recruiters for ideal candidates but was surprised to see how difficult it was for most of the interviewees to maintain a positive body language throughout the interview. Although they were highly intelligent and experienced individuals, yet their improper body movements were hard to ignore.

Here’s a list of body language tricks that can make you seem confident and flawless during your interviews.

Firm Handshake

Shaking hands with the interviewer at the starting of the interview is always a good idea. It can make you seem friendly and confident. However, the handshake has to be just right. It doesn’t have to be bone-crushing or too light. Remember to smile lightly as you shake the interviewer’s hand.

Firm Sitting Posture

Slouching on your chair can leave a very bad impression. It can make you look non-serious and unconfident. Sit upright and firmly so that your posture makes you look intelligent and sophisticated.

Face-To-Face Contact

It is important to maintain good eye contact with the interviewer during the interview. It makes the interviewer realize that you are a serious and trustworthy individual. However, it is also important to not be overly persistent. Move your gaze from eyes to lips, to the nose, to eyes, so that the interviewer doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Leaning Forward

Leaning forward in your chair is a sign of interest during the interview. Keep leaning forward from time to time so that you seem engaged and serious. But avoid leaning too forward as it can invade the interviewer’s personal space.

Hand Gestures

Don’t keep your hands hidden even if you are nervous. Doing so can make you look very distrustful. Make hand movements now and then but don’t be overly enthusiastic while doing so. This can make you seem overconfident.


If you are nervous during the interview, the best strategy is to mirror the interviewer. Sit upright like him/her and lean forward now and then. But avoid copying every gesture as it can leave a bad impression.

Not Crossing Your Legs and Arms

Never cross your arms and legs during an interview. It can make you appear defensive and nervous. Always sit with the right posture and keep your hands on the table.

Not Fidgeting

Fidgeting can make you appear very unprofessional during interviews. So always avoid habits like nail-biting or hair twirling while giving an interview. Appear polite and sophisticated by keeping such habits at bay.


As a rule of thumb, always nod now and then while the interviewer is speaking. It shows that you are attentive and serious and are understanding what they have to say. It can also make you seem like a good listener. Avoid interrupting him/her while speaking.


Smiling is one of the most important gestures during an interview. Make sure to pass a light smile while shaking hands. Also whenever the interviewer is asking a question from you, don’t appear too serious and smile a little from time to time.

Power Walk

If your walk is too clumsy or staggering, the interviewer is going to reject you within just 10 seconds in his/her mind. Always walk confidently. Keep your shoulders straight and your neck upright so that you appear confident and professional. There should be both energy and purpose in your walk.

Paying Attention to Everyone

It can leave a bad impression if you focus on just one person during the interview. If there are multiple people in the room, make sure to address everyone so that nobody feels left out. After a question has been asked, keep shifting your gaze throughout your answer and move your gaze back to the interviewer after the question has been answered.

Breathing Properly

Giving a job interview is not easy. You can easily get nervous and unconfident while facing a difficult question. So, always remember to inhale while a question is being asked. Then exhale before you start speaking. This can make you less nervous.

Remember that these tips will work only when you are prepared. A friend of mine contacted some of the most reliable job agencies in Florida to find a job at a good company. But due to lack of preparation and practice, he couldn’t succeed in the first few interviews. After working on overcoming his nervous habits he got hired at a very attractive position. So, it is a good idea to always practice your body language before going for an interview.