Is Online Business Haram In Islam?

Is Online Business Haram In Islam?

Many of you may ask that if doing online business is Haram in Islam or it is considered as an Halal source of income?

People around you may tell you that it is against Islamic rules to live life and they may even ask you to do hard work or work as labor for making a Halal income.

They are wrong.

Yes, they are wrong as Islam is not about making mankind worthless, it’s about making humans live a wonderful life.

Islam allows people to do any kind of business if that’s not about harming others and making bad use of manpower (labor).

However, there are some businesses that can be considered as Haram business in Islam and here’s a list for some of them:

  1. Gambling
  2. Casino Or Fake Lotteries
  3. Adult Videos
  4. Selling Personal Information without Permissions
  5. Misleading The Audience
  6. Spreading A Fake Story
  7. Hate Speach

And things related to these topics can be considered as haram businesses in Islam.

So, all we have to say that you should avoid creating such businesses online and live a life that is full of joy by starting a general business that can be like selling your homemade stuff, creating informative blogs and delivering freelance services like content writing, graphic designing, voice-overs and so on.

The best way to understand this Haram and Halal online business myth is to make sure the business you are going to start is not going to harm any single person and it will resolve problems.

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