When you’re going to a big fancy black-tie dinner then you should go all out and slay the competition. But if you’re just going to work or having a casual evening afterward, you will need to dress differently. However, that doesn’t mean you should forego making a statement with your attire. There are many fashion styles that will change your personality, making you more vibrant and confident.

It seems denim jackets will not go out of style any time soon. Go shopping and splurge yourself on some faded blues. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for a denim jacket that’s been hand-painted artfully. Off-shoulder tops have been around for a couple of years, and are still going strong. It adds a sexy yet refined feel to your outfit. There’s just something about bare shoulders that has everyone looking at you when you walk by.

No matter if its spring, autumn, summer, or winter, layers work with every season. Layered outfits make you look trendy, upbeat, hip but down-to-earth and approachable at the same time. Great for a casual night out with friends. To take it a notch up, scarves are an extremely chic fashion statement. You can wear them around both your neck or your head. Muslim women particularly have very creative ways to pull off the headscarf look. Go for vibrant, bright colors in spring and muted, soft ones in the colder months.

No one can now deny the fact that blazers are here to stay. In fact this year also they are back with a bang and are an essential wardrobe item for the working woman. These make you appear professional, chic and refined all at the same time. In a professional setting, there’s no better way to make a visual statement than a smart, dark blazer.

It seems there is nothing women can’t do anymore these days. They’re bus drivers, CEOs, and Optimum internet technicians. Essentially, they’re doing all tasks that used to be male-dominated. That includes pulling off menswear. Women in suits and other traditionally male attire are actually pulling it off very well. In a time when the struggle for gender equality is finally in the limelight, make a strong feminine statement with menswear.

This is a guest post fro Stephen as mentioned in the author area of the article and the thoughts here are not our own.