There are two types of fats, bad fats, and good fats, we are eating these two fats on a daily basis in various foods and much of them are contributing to our weight gain or high obesity levels. If you are considering your strict diet plan and wants to follow a healthy meal for your entire life, you should know about some foods that are healthy but in reality, they are fatty.

In this infographic, we are sharing with you the top 10 healthy foods that are actually fatty and still contribute to your fitness and perfect improvements in the body. These foods may be already in your healthy food plans and some of them may be the most favorite of yours. From fruits to sushi, all of them are fatty foods.

List of Healthy Foods That Are Actually Fatty:

The Top 10 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Fatty - Infographic
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10 Health Foods That Are Actually Fatty:

1. Fruit Juice
2. Wheat Bread
3. Dried Fruit
4. Trail Mix
5. Flavored Soy Milk
6. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
7. Pretzels
8. Granola
9. Sushi
10. Bran Muffins

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