OCR was quite tough and ineffective technique in the early days. Currently, with advancements in technology and the loads of system resources in hand, translating text from an image is something you can access most quickly.

This article is going to help if you are looking for the easiest and reliable sources for converting images into text.

Things you will learn after reading this article

  • What is image to text technique?
  • How OCR technology works to convert image into text?
  • Image to text convertor tools online

What is image to text technique?

Image to Text Converter is an online system software, as the title gives you a clue. So, as the name indicates, this is an online OCR technique that aid you to extract text from the images. A free online technology of Optical Character Recognition converts the characters in the image into digitally defined characters.

This technology enables to switch any kind of text on a picture. The image to word translator technique can also be used to remove text on any document. Thus, it can let you remove the text right from the picture itself instead of facing all the texting difficulties.

How OCR technology works to convert image into text?

When it comes to Image to text converter, OCR technology is a progressive strategy that allows you to monitor a picture and acknowledge the text on the photo. This text can be in written, typed, or printed form. The text can be interpreted and used later in the word processing, writing applications, or other uses relevant to it.

OCR online technique is a versatile and most effective method of translating an image into machine-encoded text, either digitally or mechanically. OCR converter is commonly used in scanned papers, particularly in circumstances where copying from an image is needed, but typing is not what you need.

This is an error-free technology that actually identifies the text optically and convert each character into a digitally defined character inside an image. The process of character recognition is a complicated subject, as it requires an OCR program matching an image to a corresponding online format.

The tool needs to define the font that is used to replicate the text in the picture. In cases of blurred images with unrecognizable characters, or when the copy of the original document is of low quality, it gives you correct findings.

Image to text converter tools online

These six platforms offer their best services to help you convert the image to text, without spending a single penny. If you’ve been looking for a way to convert pictures into sentences, you will certainly find the best free OCR program you need.

1. Easy Screen OCR Online

https://online.easyscreenocr.com/ )

Are you looking online for an image to convert to a text? If this is the case, then Easy Screen OCR online can be your right option. This tool can effortlessly convert an image into an editable text format, using its powerful OCR technology.

All you need to drop the data file in their user interface, select the conversion language, and click the “Upload and Convert” button. That is, it! The whole procedure is fast and efficient, precise, and useful.

2. Prepostseo

https://www.prepostseo.com/image-to-text )

The free prepostseo OCR scanner tool is well known for quickly and efficiently translating images into editable formats. This online service is free to access. You can convert images into text files to unlimited files in one go, without any login or registration.

It is easy to use, and it claims to protect your data without moving to any third party. Low-resolution camera images can cause significant trouble, but you are protected here as well by prepostseo image to text tool.

It is a popular online platform that flips images into an easily readable text format. You need only to upload an image file or paste URL for copying, and the versatile tool transforms the image to text and shows the output in real-time. You can erase the text from the image or any scanned paper in less than a few seconds.

3. Free-ocr.com

https://www.free-ocr.com/ )

Free-ocr.com is an example of another free online OCR converter tool. It can help retrieve text from scanned versions or several photographs that have text written inside. There is no need for registration and sign up to use this service. The file formats, it supported include JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, and PDF.

4. Fine reader online

https://finereaderonline.com/ )

Fine reader online is the popular free online OCR provider that executes the OCR digitally. All the copied texts and papers can be quickly translated, and that is for free as well.  After registration for a free account, you can use a ten-page credit limit for 15 days.

The resulted file which is transformed is extremely reliable. Some of the supporting input formats are PDF, JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, and many more. By using some basic steps, the document can be converted into a word document or a text file in its edited format. The website also offers the option to translate the converted text into some other language.

5. OCRconvert.com

https://www.ocrconvert.com/ )

In this web-based OCR platform, the scanned form of the PDF files and any image formats is transferred to effectively editable text documents. This tool is designed to support large size files. You can choose several files and then OCR be done on each.

All you need is tap the browse icon then select the file. Then, you must pick the language for the input script. The process choice for the Upload and OCR procedure is chosen. When the work is done, the download option will appear on the tab.

6. Convertimagetotext.net

The convertimagetotext.net is well known and efficient internet based free OCR tool for text extraction. The website supports multiple data formats such as PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG. it allows you to translate two pages per file in PDF format cases without any cost.

The other formats supported by this are DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, TXT, XPS, PDF, and HTML. It would show you the final outcome in just a few seconds. After that, you can start downloading the resulted file from the link provided on your desktop.


Even if you have really fast typing speed, you don’t have to struggle by transcribing text from images by yourself. OCR has been created for a purpose and these websites help you make the most of it!

It’s quite a hurdle for web programmers to find the best type of image to text editor. As described above, the user can check multiple editors online. Many of these services are cost-free, while others include the premium version for use.

The risks and benefits can be counted on any form of software. The bottom line is to choose the right software to use that suits perfectly with your need and the one you trust.