COVID 19 has been the most influential and viral disease of all time all over the globe. It has caused a great pandemic in our world. It has affected countries in terms of health, wealth, unemployment, deteriorating education system and economies. It has hit the globe on almost every level.

The disease is not only lethal but also contagious and has mainly affected the old ones and young babies whose immune system is not strong enough to keep them protected against this virus.

However, old age people are now aware of this virus’s cause and effects and can precautionary measures to stay healthy and safe, but for babies, it’s very challenging to cope up. Parenting has been very demanding in this phase.

Here are a few steps to be followed as a guideline to keeping your baby safe during this pandemic.

Since the prevention of virus is in social distancing yourself from others, we get to spend a lot of time to spend indoors with our families and young babies in the family.

And it sometimes scares a lot to be in isolation and anxiety for you and the baby both.

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Make use of social media, smartphones, phone calls, and whatever at your disposal to reach out and connect to other people. Do not go outside unless it is significant as you can be the carrier of the virus and do not take your child along with you unless it is of extremely necessary.

Take turns with other family members to care for the baby. Take your own time. Nap when your child sleeps, so you have a relaxed and smooth sleeping time and energy. Try spending as much time as you can with your baby to make a strong bond with him.

Feed him, play with him, sing with him, appreciate him, bath him but do not forget to use bathtub accessories for adults while bathing him.

Communicating with your baby

Keep an eye on your baby’s lead by copying, repeating or mirroring. Repeat, appreciate and react to their mumbles, babbles and improper murmured words.

Try to call your child’s name when you talk with or speak to your baby. Use small and easy words to refer to the activities what your baby is doing.

Learning with your baby

Make your baby’s environment interesting! It helps and motivates them towards learning. Children respond to this stimulation and thus become more capable of adopting things around them easily.

Let your kid explore the world around him through his five senses! Take him to bath to play and splash in water but make sure to use the bathtub kneeler pad as a preventive measure.

Babies learn through play!

Try to be of your baby’s level and validate they can watch and hear you. Play different games like peek-a-boo, sing sweet songs as well as lullabies, stack different types of blocks or cups.

Make music and humming together: playing with rattlers, banging on pots, shaking jars with beans since the melody lasts longer in mind. Share attractive baby books together – even at a very young age! Explain what is going on in the pictures.

Give your baby these colourful graphic books to explore more with all of the senses.

When babies cry

Always respond to your baby instantly. Examine thoroughly to see what is making your child weep. Swaddling, wrapping or slightly rocking can help calm and soothe your baby.

Singing a melodious lullaby or playing a soft kind of music can be relaxing.

Do not panic and stay calm. Take a break! Place your child in a safe place to play on their back and then move away. Keep an eye to check on your child every 5 to 10 minutes.

If you notice your baby is injured or ill, make a call to a health service provider or make a visit to a doctor’s clinic.

Be gentle with your children as well as with yourself as the parent!

Just because something didn’t work well today or it got on your nerves today causing you to lose your temper, this doesn’t describe who you are as a parent generally.

Remind and recall yourself of the good things you did today to take care of your baby, even if they may seem very small.