The novel coronavirus outbreak since the beginning of the year 2020 has taken the world by storm. The sense of uncertainty and fear that this pandemic has created, has blurred the boundary between facts and fiction.

As there is no evident cure for it until now, every person is coming up with their own narratives about how to avoid coronavirus. Bundle of fake news and false claims about the cure of it have been circulating all over the social media platforms which are playing their part in creating a global panic situation.

Here are five myths about the coronavirus that you should not pay heed to and neither should you spread them:

1. Spraying Your Body with Alcohol or Swallowing Bleach:

In situations like today’s, everyone loves putting in their cents without realizing the aftermaths of it. A myth has been circulating that alcohol or chlorine can kill the coronavirus inside or on the one on the human body.

Although it is true that alcohol and chlorine can disinfect other surfaces such as floors or furniture, but there is no evidence that they can help disinfect the human body. Therefore, do not believe in such things else you might end up harming your body.

2. It is a Death Sentence:

Being infected does not mean that there is no way out and the infected person will end up dying. If your immunity is strong, then the combination of already existing medication can help cure a patient. It is particularly harmful to people with weak immunity i.e. people above age 55 or infants.

However, this does not mean that you cannot be infected if you do not fall into either of the categories.

Precautions and self-isolation are a must because there is a good chance that even if you can recover from it, you might be able to transmit it to those around you. So, get back to the mantra i.e. precaution is better than cure.

3. Corona is Man-Made:

People have started merging sci-fiction movies and reality and have started believing that coronavirus is man-made.

Counter to the reality, it has been traced to be zoonotic as the first few patients in Wuhan had a link to seafood and live animal market.

However, the animal that was a source of it is yet to be traced. Therefore, the coronavirus is anything but man-made!

4. Prevention through Warm Liquids and Hot Air:

Speculations have been made that inhaling warm air either through steams or hair dryers. Likewise, taking warm liquids can reduce the chances of getting infected.

However, there is no authenticity of these claims as the virus is novel and deadly which cannot be cured through such things. Although steam and warm liquids are helpful in coping up with other minor infections or for killing bacteria, they cannot kill the coronavirus inside the human body.

Therefore, make sure to be more focused on personal hygiene such as keeping your surroundings clean, washing hands frequently, wearing clean clothes and staying home, and warm water is good for overall wellbeing anyways!

5.Climate Change Affect the Virus:

Many people have started associating the spread of the virus with the climate. One popular opinion that you might come across is that the virus cannot grow or survive in hot and humid weather conditions while some believed that harsh cold can kill the coronavirus.

However, WHO rejected these claims on grounds of no availability of any evidence. The weather conditions cannot affect the virus, particularly the corona patients as the body temperature is less likely to be affected by the climate. Therefore, the virus can safely survive inside the human body.

To conclude, never believe the forward messages or videos from unauthentic sources such as family or friends who are not doctors or government officials.

Always consult the professionals in case you are showing any of the symptoms that are described by WHO.

Besides, the important part you are the one who can put a pause to spread of this web of lies by not spreading the unauthentic information.

Follow the rules that your government is implementing. Stay at your home until you are assured that the outbreak has been controlled. Put your personal hygiene first and stay safe!