“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” It is rightly believed that if you want to achieve success in something, you need to prepare and perform appropriately for it. This holds for how you dress up too! But, why do we need to dress-up right for gyming and exercising?

Studies have shown that people who wore proper activewear outfits were more energized, well-prepared, and showed better results than the ones who didn’t pay any attention to their workout outfits. But, why? Isn’t comfort-wear the right-wear for the gym? Let us find out the answers to why it is so important to wear the right workout outfits.

What are activewear or workout outfits?

Activewear, sportswear, or workout outfits is the category of clothing that includes top-wear, bottom-wear, and footwear which is worn specifically during the workout, gym, or sports sessions. Some of the popular activewear brands include Decathlon, Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. These brands have been specializing in activewear from the very beginning. The overall idea is to supply a comfortable and breathable outfit that suits every activity session, be it gyming, sports, and more. Not only this, but you can also secure some serious savings using the exclusive discount codes at Reebok, Decathlon voucher codes, Nike promotional offers, and so on.

Why should you wear workout outfits or activewear while exercising?

Here are the primary reasons why workout wear is so important for activity sessions-

1. Eases Bodily Movements

Exercising involves a lot of stretching, heavy weight-lifting, and other strenuous activities. Activewear/workout wear is designed particularly with a stretchable fabric that helps in bodily movements. Besides being very fashionable, these outfits are made using high quality, an intelligent fabric that accelerates performance and assists in performing in the best way.

2. Feel Confident

Being comfortable in your clothing and looking good at the same time can naturally boost your confidence. Workout wear apparels do both for you, these are not just comfortable but very stylish to wear. You can shop for the appropriate workout apparels from Decathlon India at significantly discounted rates. Decathlon has a wide range of differentiated activewear, sportswear, and gym wear for men, women, and kids. Also, the products are conveniently categorized according to sports like basketball, football, etc. So, you can have an easy shopping experience with discounts of up to 70%.

3. Improvement in performance

Wearing workout clothes while performing strenuous exercises can give a 2x boost in your performance. This happens with the aerodynamic features of certain clothing with artificially modified fabrics. Besides that, you can choose the fabrics which are stretchable, breathable, as well as flexible.

4. Protection from injuries

Inappropriate or ill-fitted clothing can intervene in your workout session and cause injuries or mishaps. Suitable workout apparels, preferably compression wear, will not cause any mishaps and hence, prevent injuries. Basically, compression wear helps protect the muscles from possibilities of inflammation.

5. Possible layering

At times, you need to wear gears, etc. under your clothes for protection during the workout sessions. Ordinary clothes may hinder this necessity and cause discomfort. Hence, you should always rely on proper workout clothes for a better experience during a workout, even with layers of padding and gears.

6. Gives motivation

It is like a tradition, first you shop for the gym and then you go to the gym. Basically, a lot of people are of the view that perfect attire, perfect equipment, and new kit can make any workout session interesting. Why? Because it instantly motivates you for the struggles and makes it worth it.

Best Brands for Workout Outfits

Sportswear, activewear, and workout clothing are now a few of the most searched clothing categories online. There are several brands such as Decathlon, Nike, Reebok, Sporto, Adidas, Puma, and more which caters timely discounts and sales on their websites for all the customers.

If you are willing to start your first ever workout clothing shopping, it is suggested that you should choose a brand which is best in the category and, at the same time, doesn’t cause a hole in your pocket. For instance, Decathlon has a huge stock of sportswear and activewear at reasonably discounted prices starting from Rs.199 only. Moreover, the brand is also catering up to 70% off on all its categories. So, you can always hop on to the website and shop for your preferred outfits.


The right outfit can take you places! These were some very common reasons for why it is so important to wear the right workout outfits. The entire idea of workout or activewear is to ensure that you are comfortable while practising and your clothes don’t hinder your performance. Several sports and activewear brands are conducting sales and discounts on their products to provide ease of shopping to the customers. Decathlon is one such brand that offers great discounts. Shop from the right place for the right clothes for the best in class workout sessions.