This Toad Become Lucky and Living A Billionaire’s Life

Savannah got herself a charming toad named Toby and put him in a dollhouse

A 23-year-old girl Savannah E Mikell decided to take on the upbringing of not a cute fluffy cat or dog, but a real toad and she named him “Toby”.

She shares photos of Toby in a dedicated group on Facebook called Frogspotting, where people discuss their amphibious friends (pets).

Update: The toad is still free and lives in Savannah’s porch and in the wild, she told our founder in a Facebook chat that Toby’s Instagram account is also there at @yaboi_toby_toad.

Toby feels perfectly well in the human apartments and gladly settled in the old Savannah’s doll house which is perfectly a true home to Toby.

His living conditions are cooler than some people and he loves to live like a billionaire. A huge bed, bath, dining room, piano, and even a grill, the toad got everything.

Here you can see some of the coolest photos of that lucky toad:

Latest from Savannah’s Facebook Profile:

Toby the lucky toad at his door

The Toad Also Think About His Future:

Toby the toad thinking about his future

Toby Can Read Emails:

Viral toad working on computer

Some French Fries and Sausage:

viral toad making himself some fries

He Even Plays Piano:

lucky toad plays piano

He Takes Dinner At Fixed Time:

incredible toad of a girl eating his dinner

He Loves To Wash Himself:

the toad is taking a bath

Then He Goes To Sleep:

toad is now sleeping

And this is Savannah who is behind this idea:

Savannah E Mikel

Savannah being a mistress to this lucky guy proved that everything is do-able in this world and even a toad can have a life of a billionaire.

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