Ever since the origins of neon signs, they’ve always been a great way to draw attention to your business, but they can be tricky to install and maintain. In the points below, we’ll provide a list of helpful tips for installing and maintaining a neon sign, so you can get the most value out of your investment. Let’s get started! 

Tip #1: Have a Professional Help with Installation 

The best way to make sure your neon sign is correctly installed is to hire an experienced electrician – this will ensure the wiring is done correctly and that the sign is safely connected to a power source. The last thing you want is for your neon sign to be damaged or create a safety hazard because it wasn’t installed properly. 

Tip #2: Choose the Right Location 

When deciding where to place your neon sign, consider visibility, accessibility, and safety – you should choose a spot where the sign is easy to read and access. Make sure it’s away from any areas where people could trip over it or come into contact with it in any way that might cause harm. Also, be aware of local regulations regarding signage; some places may have restrictions on how close you can place signs near public roads or other areas. 

Tip #3: Be Mindful of Weather Conditions 

Neon signs need protection from outdoor elements like rain and snow – especially if they’re not designed for outdoor use. If you plan on keeping your sign outdoors, invest in an enclosure that will protect it from moisture and other environmental hazards. It’s also important to check on its condition every now and then – if there are any signs of damage due to weather exposure, make sure you repair them right away before they become more serious problems down the line. 

Tip #4: Clean Your Sign Regularly 

Your neon sign needs regular cleaning in order to look its best and last as long as possible. Use a soft cloth dipped in mild soap-and-water solution and gently wipe away dust or debris on the surface of the glass tubing without scratching it. Avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool or brushes, since these can damage the tubing’s surface over time. Also, keep an eye out for any cracks or broken glass – if these occur, be sure to replace them right away with new parts purchased from an authorised dealer in order for your warranty (if applicable) to remain valid. 

Take these tips on-board today

By following these tips for installation and maintenance of your neon sign, you can enjoy all the benefits this type of signage has to offer without having to worry about costly repairs down the line due to improper installation or neglectful upkeep habits! Taking good care of your neon sign today will save you time, money, and energy tomorrow.